Rumor has it Big Brother 22 will start airing in just a few weeks! It is rumored to be an “All Star” season, but that term is being tossed around a little loosely. Based on the cast I’ve seen revealed, it seems a title of “Familiar Faces” or “Home Again” might be better terms than “All Star.” Swaggy C, for isntance, finished in 15th place on his season and is supposedly returning to BB22.

So this is the rumored cast. My favorites would be Tyler, Paul, Nicole, and Dan. Janelle, Julia, and Josh (just a coincidence they’re all J names) are ones I could live without!! I’ve also seen rumors that Kaycee is going to be on, even though she’s not in this image. So really, I think very few people know FOR SURE, but what we do know is that BB22 is FOR SURE going to air this summer and it will be all returning players. Which houseguest would you like to see return? If the above list is correct, which of these do you wish weren’t going to be on the show?

According to US Weekly, the new season is currently scheduled to premiere July 22nd. The houseguests will need to be sequestered longer than usual which will include a 14-day quarantine due to Covid-19 risks.

I cannot be more thrilled that we will still be getting a summer of Big Brother (eventually)!!

What are your thoughts?

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