On this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Deavan is preparing to move back to South Korea to be with her husband Jihooon. While showing what she’s packing, she holds up two boxes of condoms and says this time she got the “extra snug” condom so that it won’t fall off like it did previously when she got pregnant with their son, Taeyang, the first time they had sex together. Many people took this to mean that she was insulting the size of Jihoon’s penis. Deavan defended her statement later in social media by saying that he knows how to work it just fine.

And that must be the case because not long later, she was expecting another child with Jihoon. Deavan announced in September 2019 on her Instagram that she had been pregnant with another child, but sadly they lost the baby.

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A lot of people have been asking if I am pregnant. I haven’t address this head on yet. I want to first start off by saying, thank you so much for your support and love. With heavy hearts we have to announce sad news. Last Monday we did end up losing our baby. We are heart broken and focusing on healing. I want to apologize for not telling anyone sooner. But we needed this time to heal as a family. A lot of people go through this,and we feel for so many people and wish everyone who has suffered through this same situation happiness and healing. We are healing and doing better, and want to thank everyone for your support during this very difficult time. #linkinbio Deavan, and Jihoon #90dayfiancetheotherway #90dayfiance #beforethe90days #90dayfiancehappilyeverafter.

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Not long after that, Deavan went through a horrific botched lip injections, as reported on Blast.com. She got the injection in South Korea with an untested substance. Deavan admits she did not research it well enough ahead of time. During the next few days, her lips began to swell developed lumps and sores and began to peel. Even after the healing was done, she still appeared to have lumps. Deavan and Jihoon were traveling to Las Vegas and so she reached out to 90 Day Fiance alum, Larissa, who gave her the name of Heather the owner of Center for Aesthetic Medicine & Human Performance, who was able to treat Deavan. After four days of treatment, she was able to dissolve the bad filler and restore Deavan’s natural plump to her lips.

While Deavan was in Vegas, she also reportedly got her teeth fixed. According to Taste of Reality, Deavan had veneers put on her teeth. The transformation is stunning!

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