Not going to lie, I have been looking forward to this episode since last week’s ended.  Slade Smilie faces the women who he bashed on stage during his “comedy” routine.

First scene shows Gretchen and Slade driving in the car and Slade explains how he’s always wanted to be a comedian and believes it’s his calling.  Apparently he did not hear the same crickets the audience heard after each one of his jokes.  Say what you will about the man, but I am not a Slade-hater.  I have always liked him and his commentary until this whole stand-up routine.  He was way out of line with his bashing towards the women to a public audience like that (not to mention  all of America) but he just wasn’t funny and somehow this whole ordeal has turned him into an egomaniac.  Gretchen thinks he needs to focus on one thing that he’s good at and go for it 100%.  Can’t say I blame her.  It would be really hard to be supportive of Slade’s decision to follow this weird dream of his (which came from left field) about being a standup comic.

Heather and Tamra are sitting down for a lunch.  Tamra discusses her relationship with Eddie and how she is a little apprehensive of ever getting married again.  She also talks about how she’s going to have an 80’s Bunko party. She’s going through her invite list with Heather and calls Alexis a “Ding-Dong.”  The two of them begin bashing her for being fake, religious-y yet she’s got “boobs out to here,” and start making fun of her newscaster/news anchor gig.  While I don’t like the cattiness, I couldn’t agree more about Alexis.  She really does come across as extremely ditzy.  Heather switches the subject to be about how she saw Slade at the Improv and proceeds to tell Tamra what he said about her and the comparison to the Michelin Man.  Tamra obviously gets pissed off and then tells Heather about how Slade doesn’t pay child support.  Tamra feels that she’s trying to mend her friendship with Gretchen and Slade is hindering that.  Heather’s advice is to be as nice as possible to Slade (“kill ’em with kindness” approach) so that will shut it down and Slade won’t have anything to talk about.  She feels this will be better for the group.

Alexis goes in to see Dr Niccole about getting her nose done.  He did her breast augmentation.  She really hates the bump in her nose.  She begins crying and freaking out – she is nervous.  She needs some work done on the inside of her nose and she said, “You actually have to separate my nose from my face to get at all the stuff underneath?”  Dr Niccole says “No, god no, no wonder you’re so nervous.”  I am laughing so hard that she honestly believes he actually had to take her nose off in order to get at her sinuses and her deviated septum. As I said earlier, I don’t believe she is very bright either.

Alexis meets with Gretchen for coffee after her consultation.  Gretchen says she would like to have the bump in her nose removed as well.  Then they begin talking about Slade’s “comedy” routine.  Alexis is supportive of Gretchen and says Slade was funny but it’s going to cause problems.  She tells Gretchen that she needs to call Tamra to tell her what was said.

Flash to Vicki at her office where she is “so busy” because she “works.”  Ahhh the printer isn’t working!!  What is she going to do?!  Her divorce and Breanna’s health are weighing heavily on her mind which is making her more scatterbrained than usual.  She said she feels the walls are caving in on her and she’s melting.  I kid, but really that would be a lot of stress to be going through.  So maybe she should quit the show and not be filming her life in front of millions of people?  There’s a thought.

Slade informs Gretchen that he got a call from a woman named Robin who wants Gretchen to come and sing and dance in the Pussycat Doll lounge. She would walk her through the choreography.  Gretchen is excited but worried about failure.  Robin has made the Pussycat Dolls into an empire.  Gretchen sees this as a great opportunity, but is asking a million questions and is very nervous.  I agree this is a great opportunity and she should do it.  Slade already has the song picked out for her, “Fever.”  She agrees to it.

After the commercial break, Gretchen’s friend, Victor, comes by to help her pick out an outfit for the 80’s Bunko party.  Tamra calls on the phone while they’re picking out the outfits.  Tamra confronts Gretchen about what Slade said.  Gretchen tries to say that it’s between her and Slade.  Gretchen apologizes though and says she’s sorry it was put out there like that.  Gretchen should have called Tamra before Tamra had the chance to call her.  Looks like they have things smoothed over, but looks like there’s going to be some tension there.

Tamra goes to Vicki’s house and brings her some coffee.  Vicki tells Tamra how upset she is over the Brianna situation. Vicki and Tamra talk about how Slade made jokes about their appearance.  Even though I’ve never had an issue with Slade, I completely agree he should have never made personal attacks about their looks.  I know they have said awful things about Slade, which I am not condoning, however, I think it just makes Slade look bad that he said the things he did… comparing Vicki to Miss Piggy.

80’s Bunko party at a restaurant.  That’s awesome.  Tamra looks awesome in a Olivia Newton-John type getup with the leotard, leg warmers, and high heels with a cut off sweatshirt.  Alexis looks like Madonna in black with white pearls.  Gretchen went in neon colors and crimped hair.  Heather took a different take on the 80’s and went as a Robert Palmer “Addicted to Love” girl and she looks spot-on!  Amazing!  Not sure the look Vicki was going for.  She does have high hair and leg warmers, but the outfit doesn’t looks so great.  The only problem with Heather’s outfit is that she has to explain it to everyone – none of the girls get the reference.  Maybe they’re too old because I could tell immediately who she was trying to be!

Bunko game begins and Alexis claims her good luck comes from the good “Lordie.”  Then she gets a sex toy for winning.  So funny!  One of the guests turns to Vicki and brings up the Slade thing.  Vicki says she’s just going through a lot of stress right now and doesn’t need that stuff from Slade.  Tamra gets involved and says just a little bit, but says she’s good now.  A gay friend (a guest brought a man that she said is “her gay”, also the only man there at this point) and he starts stirring the pot.  Gretchen overhears this and calls him out on it.  Asks him why he’s starting stuff.  Tamra’s trying to get Gretchen to stop and says she’s good.  Vicki glares at Tamra because she wants Tamra to be just as pissed about it all as Vicki is, but Tamra’s trying to kill everyone with kindness.  The man starts saying telling Gretchen that she said all of these things about the women at the improve.  To which Gretchen says that she didn’t say it, she was not on stage at the same time as Slade, and Heather vouches for Gretchen.  Vicki is now mad at Tamra for being “Team Gretchen.”  Gretchen feels they should not be taking it up with her, they need to take it up with Slade.  I don’t completely agree with that.  They are a packaged deal.  She is not responsible for his actions, but he did hurt her friends and I think she should do more apologizing or at the very least just say, “I agree, those things he said were terrible, I am so sorry he said them. I wished he wouldn’t have.”  Tamra says she’s got one more surprise for everyone.  She’s says she’s got some guys that want to join the party… in walk the husbands/boyfriends in full 80’s getup.  It was hilarious!  Slade looked identical to Billy Rae Cyrus… mullet and all.  Vicki feels betrayed that Tamra would invite Slade.  The think I don’t like about Vicki is that if you’re not 100% on her side all the time then you are against her.  Which isn’t true in this case.  Tamra should be able to be friends with both Vicki and Gretchen.  And that’s where the episode ended.  More on the crazy Bunko party next week!

Alexis revealed her new nose on Watch What Happens Live tonight.  She just had the bump removed and kept everything else the same.  Well the tip of her nose now looks bigger than ever and her eyes now look closer together.  I actually think she looked better with the bump in her nose, but if she’s happy, that’s all that matters.  You can see a picture of her new nose on Andy Cohen’s whosay page: Here  Thoughts?

What are your thoughts?

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