I don’t want anyone to go home!!!  Okay, but if someone has to go then probably Hollie.  But she’s such a sweetie!  Also, I respect Joshua…. I think he’s amazing… but that man is not going to sell records.  Just like Taylor Hicks, Lee Dewyze, etc.  They’re just not quite cool enough to be played on the radio where they’re going to sell millions.  Phillip Phillips… not he could sell millions of records.

First up… group song… California Dreamin’.  Wow, they look nervous!!  It’s got to be hard to be that close to the end and being worried you’re going to go home tonight.  The four just look so stiff!!  The set is really cool though with a red carpet rolled out along the stage leading to the judges and the fans are all on the stage cheering them on.

Ford music video… fast forward… blah blah blah…

Phillip Phillips is up first… Jimmy loves it, especially the Damien Rice “Volcano” song.   So good!  Ugh!!  Ryan’s making him go back to the couch to wait.

Now Hollie  Cavanaugh is up… Jimmy didn’t like her performance, especially “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”  He said she crashed and burned.  Waiting for the results… she goes back to the couch, for now.

David Cook performs!  “The Last Song I Write for You” His hair is a nice shade of red.  I think he’s getting cuter with age.  The song is just okay for me though.  Doesn’t seem to have as big of a hook as I would usually like in a song, but I like the lyrics.

Joshua Ledet up now… Jimmy didn’t like “You Raise Me Up”.  He can’t use the gospel singers each time, he says.  Jimmy loved “It’s a Man’s World”.  He wants to see it again and again and again.

Jessica Sanchez…. Jimmy thought she did a great job on Etta James’ song, but didn’t think it was a good song choice.  Jimmy loved everything about “You’re Gonna Love Me”.  Shock and Awe he said.

Jennifer Lopez performs “Dance Again”!!  Oooh elaborate set!  She looks hot from the waist up, but not sure it was the best outfit for the lower half.  She looks so fierce though!  I think she’s lip synching a little bit, but I can hear her live voice coming through as well.  Many singers that dance as hardcore as she does during their performances need to lip synch a bit because they get so winded. So strange to see her dancing with her new boyfriend, Casper, up there when at last season’s finale she was dancing with Marc Anthony, but she does look so much happier…. even giddy, almost.  By the way, her performance was pretaped, it was not live.  Idol does this with a number of their musical guests.

Dim the lights!  Here we go!  Jessica Sanchez is safe!!  She gets to go back to her hometown.  Joshua Ledet is safe!!  So it is down to Phillip and Hollie.  Please be Hollie! Please be Hollie! Please be Hollie!

Phillip is safe!!!  Hollie Cavanaugh is going home.  I’m a bit sad because she’s so stinking cute and talented, but it was her time to go.  I’m actually a little surprised she lasted this long.  But I do like her!  Bye Hollie!! I wish you well!!


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