Happy to be watching one of the RHONJ Reunion episodes live so I can blog about it!  What a crazy ride this season has been.  It is so sad to see how Teresa has changed over the years.  The first season I thought Teresa was the sweetest.  Now you can tell just how jealous she really is of Melissa.  This episode has the husbands and Kim D!  Going to be great!

The reunion starts out with Andy addressing Caroline about a prediction she made with Teresa and Joe’s marriage.  The clips shows Caroline saying that Teresa is showing how she stood by Joe as long as she could, but if something should happen (like a prison sentence) that would leave Teresa no choice but to divorce Joe, then she can then say, “I did all I could, and now mommy has to be strong and make it on my own”… “There’s a book there somewhere, you’ll see.”  Caroline says.  Joe calls her a know-it-all and she’s just full of hate.  Caroline says it was about her taking a very sensitive matter in her life and taking it to the press.

Andy then brings up Joe Giudice’s legal woes. Joe says his case with the DMV is still ongoing and he’s not worried.  Whatever happens, happens.  He says he turned down a plea deal.  Andy points out he could go to jail for 10 years… Joe still says he’s not worried.  Andy points out that Teresa talked about the case in InTouch magazine but she gets mad if Melissa or Kathy bring it up on the show.  Teresa just keeps repeating “I asked my family not to talk about it on the show!”  Andy keeps asking what the difference is between talking about it nationally in a magazine or talking about it nationally on TV.  She responds with, “Am I talking Chinese??  I asked them not to discuss it!”  Melissa pipes in and says, “and we asked you not to talk about whether I was a stripper or not.  We’re even!”  Joe then says that Jacqueline’s husband Chris met her as a stripper.  Jacqueline says they met in Chicago!

Now the rest of the husbands sans Mr Manzo join.  This is the first time Joe Gorga has seen his sister Teresa in a year – since the Posche Fashion Show.  Joe Gorga says that Joe Giudice hates him just because he’s so successful.  Giudice says it’s all over borrowed tools that were not returned.

Some discussion over Richie’s erection being shown on tv and how that impacts the kids…. ewwww…  He says he tells them “how do you think you came into this world?”

Giudice’s legal troubles get brought up again.  More squabbling among everyone… can’t decipher much of what is being said.  Same arguments over and over…

The accusation was that Chris met Jacqueline when she was a stripper in Vegas.  In truth, they met at a trade show in Chicago.  Now Teresa is saying she heard Jacqueline was a stripper from Caroline.  Now THAT’S funny!  Caroline would have never spoken badly about Jacqueline since Chris is her brother.  That’s just ridiculous.  Gorga starts yelling “What the hell is wrong with a stripper?!”  So true!!  Then Andy just drops the bomb that Gorga was a Chippendale’s dancer!  He said “absolutely!”  He had an elephant g-string!  So funny that he ended up being the stripper.

Richie and Giudice get into it and the fight between them that busted out at Jacqueline’s house gets brought up.  It was an accident, basically, but they’re arguing who grabbed the other one first.

Chris talks about the heartache it’s been having an estranged relationship with his sister, Dina, and he can only assume that Teresa has something to do with their strained relationship.

So it goes back to did Teresa call Melissa a stripper?  Teresa yells “Prove it, bitch!” to Melissa that Teresa was somehow involved in the fiasco of the season finale when Melissa was set up.  A man claiming Melissa had stripped for him at his club asked Teresa about it first at the salon with Kim D.  Then later that night at the fashion show, he approaches Melissa very creepily and says “Hi Melissa, do you remember me?”  Teresa later tells Melissa about how that same guy came up to her earlier that day and said that she used to strip for him.  Long story short, Teresa was soooo in on that!  It’s completely obvious.  So back to the reunion now… Gorga tells Teresa she needs to cut this stuff out.  He wouldn’t care if she had been a stripper, even though she wasn’t.  It wouldn’t cause a divorce, she’s the perfect girl for him.  Teresa brings up the parents and Gorga gets very emotional and starts flipping out.  He says she took his parents away from him and his kids don’t have grandparents now because of her.  Oh so sad! Teresa said she would never do that to him!

Andy then calls out Kim D.  All the husbands start swearing.  Andy asks her flat out what was Teresa’s involvement.  Kim D says she wasn’t involved.  Kim says her beef with Melissa is that Melissa was promoting another store with the same spelling.  Kim D confirms that Teresa knew something was going down that night – but not what.  Teresa gets all crazy and says “I never said you were a stripper!!!”  Melissa said, “Looks at my eyes – you and I are done!  I am done with you!”

Chris points out that the stuff between Teresa and Joe Gorga is not important and that they need to come together.  They both have so much heartache, and I obviously feel most for the Gorgas.  Teresa needs to learn what’s important in life.  Whether or not her sister-in-law is a stripper is not important.  It’s sad that she has put a strain on his relationship with his parents too.  They could die at any moment and he won’t ever be able to mend that relationship.  It’s actually very depressing to watch this storyline of the show.  I hope next season one of the two pairs doesn’t return.

Teresa says she’s lost her voice, Andy says he’s lost his hearing.  lol  Final thoughts by Caroline Manzo:  She says the only way to heal is to speak to your truth.  Things are bad with her and her sister Dina – but there’s love.  And where there’s love, there’s hope.  Can’t have this much pain without love.  So true.

What are your thoughts?

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