I just finished this week’s RHOBH episode and I’m sure just like you, I immediately Googled what the big secret was that Bravo won’t air that Brandi said about Adrienne.  According to WetPaint the secret is that Adrienne used a surrogate to birth her children.  I can see why this wouldn’t be aired in order to protect the minor children, but really?  This is the HUGE deal that Paul flipped out about?  If it is, it could have been a done deal if Adrienne just fessed up and said, “yeah I did, so what?”  Afterall, Camille Grammer has been honest about her use of a surrogate all along.  And why did Kim feel the need to tell her, from what seemed like, the second she walked into Mauricio’s party?  Not exactly the time or place, and it looks like Kyle addresses that with her in next week’s episode.  Lastly, I find it sad to watch these episodes of Adrienne and Paul acting so sweetly together just to know that now they are divorced and an ugly divorce at that.


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  1. […] not be returning for another season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  This is coming after the episodes have hit about Brandi spreading a secret about Adrienne that has turned BH upside down.  According to WetPaint, the secret that Brandi […]

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