Warning — long blog, but it IS a 2-hour show.  Hard to keep the recap short!  Skip to the bottom if you just want to know who went home:

So it is down to 19 girls and this is when we start to see the personalities (and claws) of the ladies come out!  I always skip past the “and tonight on the bachelor…” where they show the teasers for the show you’re about to watch.  Just seems a bit overkill, plus I like to be totally surprised, or at least not see anymore than what they showed at the end of last week’s episode.

Sean working out and taking a shower… they could make that part last a half hour if they wanted to!

Chris Harrison drops off the first date card and Kristy reads it to the girls: One on one date with Sarah (one-armed woman).  The girls immediately act excited for her but are obviously jealous.  As Sarah’s getting ready she mentions or two times “Just because I have one arm…” and I can’t help but think of the SNL skit Amy Poehler where she played Amber with one leg and she’d say every time, “I’ve got one leg….”  SEE CLIP

Of course, because it IS The Bachelor afterall, Sean shows up in a helicopter to pick Sarah up.  Sarah then joins Sean in the helicopter and off they go.  Sean said that it was endearing that she addressed the elephant in the room immediately with her arm on the first night and explained to him that she was born that way.  The couple gets to the top of a skyscraper building and Sean takes Sarah over to the edge and explains they’re going to free fall 300 feet to their champagne toast that is on the ground.  Oh Bachelor, why do you do this to me?  I’m freaked out by heights and I just think making these poor girls go through things like this is ridiculous (but I do recognize that it makes for good tv).  If I were Sarah I would probably immediately start crying and go in the fetal position and he would send me home.  The men in charge of this stunt explain that they’re up 360 feet, they will free fall 300 of those feet going about 40 feet a second.  Are you kidding me??  I can hardly type right now because I get clammy just thinking about it!!  So they’re strapped to these harness things, holding hands, about to jump.  Sean suggests they sit down on the platform and inch forward to the edge.  5….4….3…..2….1…. and down they go straight down screaming all the way.  They survived and now they feel closer to each other than ever.

Sarah and Sean are now at dinner and Sarah says there’s a story that I want to tell you that pertains to today.  She begins telling him that she was in Las Vegas with her dad and she told him she wanted to go ziplining. They went through the process of filling out the paperwork, getting harnessed up, and then an employee came running to her and said she couldn’t do it because state regulations prohibits them from allowing someone with a disability to go ziplining.  She was humiliated and crushed and she said that her dad then told her that she needs to find a man strong enough to go through moments like that with her.

Date card #2 arrives at the mansion with the women… Kristy, Amanda, Brooke, Kacie B, Leslie M, Daniella, Catherine, Robyn, Katie, Selma, Diana, Taryn, and Tierra “Let’s Capture the Romance” the card says.

Back to the date with Sean and Sarah…. after some more talking, Seans presents the rose to Sarah and says she’s blown away his expectations.  And they share their first kiss on top of the skyscraper.  Okay, seriously though, I wish I had counted how many times the camera pans to her non-existent arm.  We get it already!! She has one arm and he likes her anyway!  Stop making such a big deal about it.  As they’re kissing, the camera shifts down to her non-existent arm.  Why??  We get it.  Enough!  It’s no an issue.

Group date time: The girls arrive at this HUGE, gorgeous mansion/castle.  Seans tells them they will be doing a photo shoot as cover models for Harlequin Models.  The person that the Harlequin folks select will be featured on three romance novel book covers.  Kristy (the Ford model) can’t stop her little happy dance and “woohoo”-ing.  She’s already a little annoying.  Tierra is another obnoxious one that is judging the other girls.  The girls are split into different themes.  The first is the cowgirl theme.  Lesley M probably looks the best of the four girls in her cowgirl getup.  Sean and Lesley share a little kiss and the other girls go crazy with jealousy.  The next set of girls are in the vampire theme shots… fangs and all.  The the historic themed girls.  Then sexy themed girls.  Each girl is trying to outdo the previous girl.  Tierra got a bit more aggressive and now Kristy is up and making even more moves.  Kristy ended up winning the three book deal.  Meanwhile Tierra is getting more intense and aggressive in her interview talks.  These two definitely seem to have the biggest egos.

Nighttime on the group date and Sean pulls Lesley M aside first for THE most awkward conversation ever.  Sean says in his interview that he wanted to kiss her, but every time the moment was perfect she would start talking about something trivial like the weather and it kept messing up the moment.  He says he thought it made her look even more cute, but it was very uncomfortable to even watch.  So Sean moves on to Kristy, meanwhile Lesley M is plotting to go back to him to plant this kiss on Sean.  She’s kicking herself for missing the opportunity the first time.  Leslie approaches him in a clumsy manner and then kisses him.  I know initial dates are awkward, but man, it just seems so uncomfortable and forced!

Kacie B’s turn with Sean.  He explains that he was completely caught off guard by her coming out of the limo.  They had a good conversation about getting out of the friend zone and into the girlfriend zone.  I’ve always like Kacie, but I don’t remember her laugh being so annoying before.  I kind of hope she sticks around awhile though anyway.

Catherine tells Sean “I’m vegan but I love the “beef””  Sean finds this joke hilarious.  Selma looks beautiful during her one on one time with Sean.  She seems very sweet and sincere.  The girls are starting to get bothered by Tierra’s standoff-ish behavior.  Sean says she looks down, so he pulls her aside to talk to her.  So Sean reassures her and tells her he really likes her.  He says he can see she has a sweet, genuine heart.

Date card #3: Sarah picks it up…. Desiree… “Love is Priceless.” She’s one of my favorites, so I’m happy to see her go on a one on one date.

Back at the group date… Katie (big, crazy hair girl) is getting more and more insecure, and possibly drunk.  She tells Sean she’s really not comfortable being there and that’s not the right setting for her.  Katie wants to go home, and Sean doesn’t even try to keep her, and says “let me walk you out.”  Sean then gives the date rose to Kacie B because he says he knows it’s hard going through the process one time, let alone twice.  Tierra says she wanted to punch her.  hahaha

Sean’s date with Desiree… Sean and Chris Harrison set up a prank/hidden camera joke on Desiree.  An art exhibit is set up,  one piece is going to come crashing down, and Desiree will think it’s all her fault.  Kind of testing her sense of humor.  I don’t agree with “testing” your date, however this is pretty funny.  Limo pulls up and lets Desiree out where the art gallery is set up with staged art and staged people/actors around.  The “artist” shows up and says a few things about his pieces.  Sean is starting to feel bad for setting this up.  They walk into the private area set up with the piece that the “artist” did which is worth $1.5 million.  The producer comes up and asks if he can do a quick interview for a minute, leaving Desiree in the room by herself.  Now the hidden cameras take over.  As Chris Harrison and Sean are watching the hidden camera, they discuss how Sean’s a bad person for doing this.  He is, but I’m loving it anyway!  Art piece falls and shatters everywhere and Desiree’s jaw just drops.  her face is now red, and a photographer than the artist comes in and she says, “I didn’t touch it.  I didn’t touch it.”  She smiles out of nervousness, then Sean comes in and finally tells her they were actors and it was all set up.   She laughed and handled it all pretty well.  They were probably hoping for a little bit bigger reaction out of her, but it was still cute how it all came together.

They then go to Sean’s place where “he has prepared dinner” *cough catered cough*.   The two talk about their family lives and their parents and how similar they are.  They both seem very comfortable and happy together.  Desiree is still my favorite!!  Glad girlfriend hasn’t let me down.  Without hesitation he gives her a rose, and for a minute she fakes him out and has a long dramatic pause before accepting the rose.  Then they made out in the pool.

Cocktail party… Sean says he already has a feeling of the two he’s going to send home because he just doesn’t see a long term relationship with them.  He has a great conversation with wedding dress wearing girl, Lindsay, who looks amazing tonight and has a much better personality than she showed the first night.  Amanda is sitting with a scowl on her face, not talking to any of the girls, not responding, and just being weird.  So the other girls start getting catty towards her back talking about how rude or fake she is.  Robyn calls out the other elephant in the room… how Sean feels about dating a woman of another race.  Is he attracted to black girls? Sean loves that Robyn asks him about it.  He says he’s dated hispanic, persian, black… he doesn’t have a “type” or a specific thing he’s attracted to.  Can Sean really be any better?  Selma then teaches him Arabic.  He learned how to say “You are beautiful” in Arabic.

Sean steals Amanda away for a minute and she comes to life.  A completely different person.  All bubbly, happy, smiley.  The women just start raging about it.  All the girls want her to go home tonight.  Which of course, the producers love, I’m sure, and will be keeping her around longer.

Rose ceremony…. Ashley, Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Lesley M, Selma, Catherine, Kristy, Leslie H, Tierra, Taryn, Daniella, Amanda.  Brooke and Diana were let go.  Sean told Diana that he just didn’t want to keep her away from her daughters longer if he wasn’t seeing anything.  Can Sean be any better of a man??  I think not.


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