The contestants are waiting in their suite to find out who was fire last week.  Lisa Rinna says it is time for Gary Busey to go home…. they need people who can work.  So they were all shocked when he walked back in and not Stephen Baldwin.  No Plan B is down to just three people: Penn Jillett, Lisa Rinna, and Gary Busey.  Power, who were originally the underdogs, now have four really strong people left: Brande Roderick, Lil John, Trace Adkins, and Marilu Henner.

Trace Adkins delivers his check to the American Red Cross during the Sandy Relief efforts are taking place on the Jersey Shores.  This is just really hitting home for me right now as my parents are volunteering as I type this with the Red Cross for the flooding victims of Grand Rapids, MI.  The Red Cross is amazing and have truly dedicated volunteers.  It is not government run… they only operate on the donations that they receive.  I am so thrilled that Trace has chosen the American Red Cross to give money to and that he’s raised more than $600,000 for them.

Challenge is about to start and Trump walks in with Bret Michaels. Looks like he’s going to be an adviser on this task.  The task is to do an interactive South African expo at Times Square in order to bring in additional tourism to South Africa.  Project managers are Penn Jillett and Brande Roderick.  They had the choice of the Adventure Package and the Romantic Package, both teams chose Adventure so they had to flip a coin. Team Power won Adventure, and Plan B was left with Romance.

The Adventure package consists of golfing, ziplining, “glamping”, see the great white shark, and surfing.  No safaris.  They are not to focus on the safaris there.  Power is now thinking that they got the harder of the two choices.

Wine, Art, Food, Dance, and Spa are the five areas in the Romance package.  Gary Busey tells the representatives from South Africa that when he was staying in Johannesburg  he heard murders outside his hotel.  The reps did not look pleased he was saying this and Penn and Lisa were stunned and trying to get him to shut up.

Power is having a hard time coming up with a slogan.  Trace suggestions “You + South Africa = Adventure.” Plan B is struggling as well and having a hard time dealing with Gary.  Gary is not contributing and distracting Lisa and Penn from getting anything done.  They are at an extreme disadvantage with Gary on their team.  I’m almost hoping they don’t pull this off so Gary can finally go home.  It’s just too painful to watch.

Trace is reaching out to try to get a famous South African golfer, but they’re not in the country right now.  Brande is stressing out and Lil Jon is a little too relaxed.  Penn was able to get Zulu dancers and a famous South African drummer.  Plus a South African chef.  Lisa says she would never want to go up against Penn, he is too smart.

Lil Jon think it would be fun to be in a shark suit in a cage… Trace worries it’s a little juvenile and silly, not having seen it yet, I agree.  Now Marilu is pushing people across the room in an office chair to simulate zip-lining.  Oh boy!  That’s going to be awful if they keep it like that.

Gary is certifiably insane and he should not be on this show.  It’s driving ME crazy just watching.  It’s not entertaining, it’s not good TV, it’s just strange, almost mean, and painful to watch.  However, it looks like they have a good shot of winning.  Could there maybe be a double firing tonight?  I sure hope so if Plan B wins.

So the teams have set up their interactive displays and unless there’s some glaring mistake, I don’t know how Plan B could lose.  Their display for romance is so professional yet fun but most importantly really conveys the idea of South Africa being romantic.  The event begins and the reps from South Africa arrive at Power’s adverture display.  The greeted them with South African tea, which they seemed to be impressed with.  Brande shows them the handout which was really well done.  Trace walks them through the golfing display, the ziplining, and everything else in the room.  The executives are laughing and having a good time.  George and Bret Michaels also seemed to have a good time.  Maybe they’ll actually pull this off?

Plan B has the drummers going, the dancers, and the execs walk in and Penn greets them.  Penn then gives a presentation about the display.  Now that I’ve seen both of the rooms, Plan B’s does seem a little bare compared to Power, but maybe the room is just larger and it’s harder to fill it.  This will be closer than I originally had thought.

Boardroom time…. Both teams discuss what they think what went well and what went wrong on their teams.  Obviously both teams feel that they have won.  Penn reveals he has never bought alcohol in his life, he’s never had a drink.  Trump says he’s never even had a sip, which I already knew about.

George says what impressed him with Plan B (Romance Package) was the experience he felt immediately as he walked in the door.  The execs said they felt they were transported back to South Africa and they really felt all five senses.  The negative was that there wasn’t any travel information and failed to sell the individual experiences that someone could get in South Africa.

For Team Power the execs felt they went above and beyond the five areas they were given and loved the take away they were given.  The negatives however but it lacked unique experiences and felt it was a juvenile exhibit and amusement park.

Brande’s team Power lost.  They felt it just wasn’t up to par.  I like everyone on Power, but I guess I hope Lil Jon goes home and feel he deserves to go home because it was his idea to do a lot of the juvenile things.  Even though Brande approved it, I’d like Lil Jon to be fired for it.

Penn’s team goes back to the suite and he says he knew they had won.  He was always very confident.  Which I can see why… he brought in actual people from South Africa! Lil Jon says having Adventure was the harder of the two packages.  Brande decides to save Lil Jon and let him go because she feels a sense of loyalty to him.  That’s a huge mistake, she’s going to be fired if she doesn’t keep him in the boardroom. Trump gives her a chance to change her mind, but she doesn’t.

The three remaining, Brande, Marilu, Trace, come back in the boardroom.  Trace admits for coming up with the slogan that wasn’t great.  Marilu did the handout which they loved.  They’re really dragging out the boardroom, but Trump ultimately has no choice but to fire Brande.  Trace defends Brande and says she raised so much for her charity on the other task that she was project manager on and so Trump feels bad and decides to give her charity (Promises to Kids – a charity for abused children in foster care) $20,000 from him. Next week we get to see more Busey acting like lunatic.  Yippie!

What are your thoughts?

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