Survivor BBB

So here is what I know about the next season of Survivor.  It is set in Cagayan and will be the fourth season of Survivor in a row to be filmed in the Philippines.  Some of the other locations Survivor has been filmed in the waters were deemed unsafe.  However, Challenge Producer John Kirhoffer states that the Philippines’ beaches are safer and conducive for swimming, diving and boating challenges.  Since the seasons are filmed so close together, I am sure that logistically it’s just easier to keep the camera crew, equipment, and everything in the same general area as well instead of having to pack everything up and move it across the world somewhere.

Aside from location, what is known at this time is that there will not be any returning players.  A lot of fans will be happy about this.  I speculated earlier that maybe Hayden would represent the “Brawn,” Parvati would represent the “Beauty” tribe, and Cochran would represent the “Brains”, but apparently I couldn’t have been more wrong as no one is returning.

There will be 3 tribes of  6 players each and there will not be a Redemption Island.

The twelve cast members that are know at this time are (thanks to

  • Alexis Maxwell
  • Brice Johnston
  • Clifford Robinson – Former NBA player for the Portland Trail Blazers, Phoenix Suns, Detroit Pistons, Golden State Warriors, and the New Jersey Jets
  • Garrett Adelstein
  • Jefra Bland
  • Jeremiah Wood
  • J’Tia Taylor
  • LJ McKanas
  • Morgan McLeod
  • Sarah Lacina
  • Spencer Bledsoe
  • Trish Hegarty


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