Joe Giudice and Cameraman

Joe Giudice this afternoon entered a guilty plea as part of a plea deal to driver license fraud and was given a very generous 18 month sentence that he can serve concurrently with the prison time he received for his federal fraud case.  At first Juicy Joe wasn’t going to accept the plea deal.  He said he wanted it to go to trial because he was innocent.  The judge warned that once he does that there would be no going back and if found guilty in trial he could tack years on to his prison sentence instead of serving at the same time.  Joe decided to reconsider and ended up going for the plea deal.

However, on Joe’s way in to the courthouse today, he not only threatened to kick a photog in the face,  he also decided to shove a cameraman.  I am not sure what this man is thinking!  He’s lucky he’s not being charged with assault on top of everything else going on.  He better get his temper in check before prison or it could mean really bad news on any hope of getting out of there.  Check out the video below.

What are your thoughts?

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