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Last night’s (Monday night) episode of Celebrity Apprentice was a two-parter. Click here to read the recap of the first part of the episode.

Trump addresses the cast the next morning with execs from Luvo and are told the task is creating a bistro and have tasting of the Luvo products.  They will be judged on brand messaging and overall presentation.  Vivica steps up to be project manager of the women and Terrell (T.O.) will be the men’s project manager.

The women immediately begin working on the slogan.  “Love yourself, one bite at a time.” Is the slogan they landed on.  Their overall idea is that the women will represent different types of women: athlete, pageant girl, etc that will want to be taking care of their bodies.  Vivica says she’s going to dress like a man and be Jamie Anderson’s trainer.   Leeza is doing something with Kenya, the former Miss U.S.A.

On the men’s team, Geraldo keeps interjecting his ideas and T.O. isn’t as opinionated and taking a bit of a backseat.  T.O. says he’s giving Geraldo a bit of creative freedom because he’s been around the block a few times.

Shawn JohnsonShawn Johnson tells Vivica that she “has no brain” right now.  She calls it her “moon cycle”.  Basically she’s on her period and in a lot of pain.  I can sympathize, some women really have it rough, but Vivica has no tolerance for that.  She is not happy that Shawn is using that as an excuse.  Shawn explains she usually doesn’t get out of bed and Vivica rolls her eyes.


The men arrive at the test kitchen and start testing all of the food.  Geraldo immediately says he wants a Latino dish in there.  T.O. decides that Gilbert should be in charge of entertainment piece of the presentation.  T.O. asked each of the men to write a script to go with the dish they were presenting.  Gilbert is just having fun and at one point asks T.O. to show him “the black handshake hug thing.”  Luckily T.O. finds this hilarious.

Kate and Shawn were sent out to get props and things taking their sweet time.  This really aggravated Vivica as she felt they were really eating up a lot of time.

The men decide to rehearse their lines before the presentation but Gilbert just wants to wing it and improvise.  Lorenzo doesn’t love the slogan they have and feels it’s Geraldo’s fault for coming up with it but also T.O’s because he’s project manager and signed off on it.

The women are all scattered because Kate and Shawn took 6 hours to shop and they didn’t have an opportunity to rehearse.

luvo presentationPresentation time: The men had a nice flow to their serving and presentation…. until Gilbert starts talking.  His jokes are inappropriate and completely bombing.  The execs were not laughing.  If they lose because of Gilbert, Ian feels T.O. needs to go home for allowing him to do that.


The women’s presentation…. Brandi and Leeza are dressed as flight attendants (Luvo’s food is served on Delta airlines).  There was a huge delay of the entrees coming out one after the next.  Definitely doesn’t have the flow the men had.  However, they had a better slogan and more energy to their presentation overall than the men had.

Boardroom: Trump asks Vivica if she would trade one of her teammates for Geraldo and she said yes.  She would trade Shawn Johnson for Geraldo.  Vivica explains to Trump that Shawn was on her period and checked out.  Jamie then calls out Kenya as rude and difficult to work with.

The execs felt the women missed the mark on presenting the products and describing the nutrition facts and details about the food.   On the men’s team they didn’t care for their slogan and felt Gilbert’s jokes were not family friendly.  Ultimately, the women won.  Back in the suite, Shawn stands up for herself to Vivica and says “How dare you say the reason I wasn’t feeling well.  It didn’t hurt my feelings, it was trashy!”

Terrell boardroomT.O. feels like Gilbert lost the task for the men.  Gilbert defends himself saying that he cares about being funny and getting a laugh at all costs.  Ivanka points out that the slogan was the biggest miss and Geraldo and T.O. were responsible for that.  Terrell decides to bring back Geraldo and Gilbert back into the boardroom.



Trump decides to fire Gilbert because they lost because he was inappropriate, or at least that was part of the reason.  It’s kind of silly the way Trump fires him.  He tried to get Gilbert to say he wanted to go home, but Gilbert wouldn’t flat out say that.


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