Bachelor Finale Whitney and Becca

Chris Soules has a tough decision to make between Whitney or Becca on tonight’s Bachelor Finale.  Will he propose to the woman he picks and will she say yes?  I tried to resist reading the spoilers, but I couldn’t help myself and finally read them.  Don’t worry, I won’t reveal what I read regarding who he picked.  What I did find out though is more about Chris’s past relationship before coming on the show.  He has talked about a long term relationship before and even said he was engaged to a woman named Sheena Schreck  However, he didn’t say that they were together for SEVEN years, living together in his house, and he left her DAYS before they were supposed to say “I do.”  Some sources say he is still in love with her and is having a hard time moving on even though he’s made his decision with one of these two final women.  This might not end well if there’s already trouble in paradise.  Can’t wait to see it all play out tonight!

Sheena and Chris

Sheena and Chris in 2006

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