Bachelor in Paradise cast

Last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise was interesting.  Ashley I’s sister, Lauren, was allowed to come on the show.  We quickly saw exactly why Ashley has such a low self esteem.  Lauren was nit picking everything about Ashley… everything from her appearance down to her choice of words while asking Jared out on a date.  I’m sure Lauren’s intentions are good, but it left Ashley second guessing everything she was doing.  Then there’s Ashley S who, at the end of the episode, was whisked away to the hospital for some unknown reason.  Meanwhile Jade and Tanner seemed to be making a connection, and Clare, from Juan Pablo’s season showed up right at the end of the episode.  Click here to get full details of last night’s season 2 premiere.

Tonight’s episode starts off with Clare greeting the cast.  Clare has the task of choosing a guy to go out on a date with.  The girls try to steer her towards asking Dan Cox out but he just got back with Ashley S from the hospital.  Clare feels like she’s stuck with Mikey or JJ because everyone else is already paired up.  She is not excited about that.  Clare confides in a crab to help give her clarity.  Just like last season when she befriended a raccoon.  This girl is a little nuts.

The next morning Clare gets up and everyone’s kind of giving her the cold shoulder except Mikey.  He’s the only one giving her any attention.  He takes her aside and tells her that he would love to go out on a date with her.  She reluctantly accepts his offer.  She says she doesn’t usually go for the beefcake guys like Mikey.  So they go out on the date and have to do tantric yoga/chakra with each other.  It’s just completely awkward having to touch their bodies against each other in odd, twisting positions.  He says his favorite position was “downward Clare.”  Ugh.  They go in a hot tub afterwards and Mikey tells her that he’s really attracted to her.  Clare tries to let him down easy and tries to tell him she doesn’t want to give him the wrong idea, and there are guys she hasn’t even talked to, etc.  Basically she’s saying she’d like to keep her options open and he responds with “I really want to kiss you right now!”  What?!!  Clare says “no!!! I just got done telling you….” Then Mikey says in his interview that he’s happy he and Clare are on the same page and that she wants to get to know him better.  The guy is not listening!!

The next date card arrives and it is for Ashley S and she obviously chooses Dan.  Tenley is bummed because she doesn’t have anything going with any of the guys yet.  On the date, Ashley S and Dan talk about how their first date at the hospital was one of the best dates she’s been on.  Dan said that he feels like Ashley really gets him.  Ashley says she likes him a lot!  They are oddly cute together.

Tenley sees Jared walking on the beach and decides to cease that opportunity to go talk to him.  Ashley I sees Tenley talking to him and immediately freaks out and starts crying her eyes out over it and they’re just talking!  So Ashley I goes up to Tenley and asks to steal Jared away.  Ashley I then talks to Jared about how she’s worried about other girls stealing him away.  Jared tells her he’s just taking it slow and seeing what happens.  So basically he’s keeping his options open and doesn’t make Ashley I feel secure at all.

Cocktail party time…. JJ says he’s relishing having the power tonight and he’s looking forward to the women having to work for his rose.  JJ sits down with Jillian first and she’s aggressive in a manly kind of way.  I think she kind of scares him.  Then Tenley sits down with JJ and tells him that to see if there’s anything between them maybe they should kiss and she gives him permission to give her a kiss.  Tenley shocked herself for being so bold and having fun.  She’s kind of on a high now.  It’s super cute.  Ashley I then finally got a bit of confirmation from Jared that she’s beautiful and that she hasn’t been awkward around him.  But then Jared talks to Clare and tells her that if she doesn’t have a rose by the time his name is called, his rose is going to her.  That really blew Clare away.  She wasn’t expecting that.  Clare then says “if I do get a rose from another guy first, can we still spend time together?” Jared says he would love to spend time together.  I kind of like the idea of Clare and Jared together.  Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Clare, they seem cute together!  So much better than Ashley I!

Rose ceremony!  Tanner is up first… obviously his rose goes to Jade.  Kirk gives his rose to Carly, no surprise.  Dan gives to Ashley S.  Jonathon to Juelia.  Mikey gives his rose to Clare.  Jared then gives his rose to Ashley I…. would have been fun to spiced that up if Mikey hadn’t given his rose to Clare already.  JJ has the final rose….. JJ says he’s not ready, he doesn’t like this.  It’s between Jillian or Tenley…. he chooses Tenley… and completely stuns Jillian.  Jillian runs off and JJ tells Tenley he’s happy she’s here.  Jillian says she just want to find someone to love her.  😦

What are your thoughts?

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