It’s true, the wedding that took place on the season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise was a complete fake!  Marcus and Lacy from Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise found love last year in Mexico. What they didn’t find this year was a marriage license either in Mexico or The U.S.!  Not only that, but TMZ  reports that a wedding isn’t even planned for the near future for the couple since Marcus is still finishing up his Coast Guard training.  They appeared to have a gorgeous wedding on the first episode complete with family guests as the whole cast from Season 2 looked on.  I did notice that the cast seemed more emotional over the ordeal than the family did, and now we know why!! Once again, The Bachelor producers have duped us!!  Pretending something is real for the sake of ratings when in actuality it is all contrived and fake! I am shocked!! (Enter sarcasm).

What are your thoughts?

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