UPDATE: Corinne claims she was too drunk to consent and is now saying she was assaulted.  She also tells fellow cast members that she has a boyfriend back at home and would never have let this happen to jeopardize what she has back home. So why is she on Bachelor in Paradise if she has a boyfriend? Investigation continues…


TMZ just released this crazy story about DeMario and Corinne getting so down and dirty in the pool in Mexico that they had to shut down production in order to investigate the allegations. It appears DeMario and Corinne have been fired and the rest of the cast have been released while the investigation is ongoing. Any one else surprised by this? It’s a dating show. It’s called Bachelor in Paradise. They cast sleezy people. What do they expect to happen? I’m just surprised that there IS a low that is too low even for Bachelor Nation. Not sure why other sex acts have been ok in the past but this went too far. This will be interesting to see how it plays out!

What are your thoughts?

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