Spoiler alert on Bachelor in Paradise if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet…

On tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Colton reveals that he’s basically just been going through the motions with Tia in order to make her happy. He confesses his whole life he has just done things in order to please others – including playing football.

Now, I don’t think there’s a possibility he might be gay just because he’s not falling hard for Tia. I’m also not saying there’s anything wrong with being gay. But what is wrong is breaking women’s hearts in order to protect his image. It’s hard enough to buy that he’s actually a virgin, but now I’m starting to think maybe he just hasn’t had sex with women.

Normally I would say one’s sexual orientation is not anyone else’s business, but he IS on an extremely popular reality TV show that’s being broadcast nationwide so I feel like it’s okay for me to speculate.

I truly hope if he is gay, he is able to live his truth and have the support of his family. I’m honestly still a big fan of Colton despite the ladies, including Raven, warning Tia about Colton. I still think he’s a sweet, good guy, just very inwardly conflicted. Get it together, dude!!!

***Update 9-4-18, 9:55 am EST – THIS JUST IN – Colton will be the next Bachelor! I’m assuming it will be women vying for the roses and his affection. Will he finally find true love? Or will this just push him further into the closet and he will keep living a lie? Thoughts??

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  2. amy S says:

    Please yell me it is a joke that Colton is the next Bachelor? He has two emotions, smirking and crying?! I hope you are mistaken!

  3. Donna Rizzotto says:

    The problem is him having to find himself. You do not go on a show with 25 women to try and find yourself!!

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