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  1. Kelby H says:

    I don’t know how many Kelby Hirr’s there are in this world, but I am one of them up here in Muskegon, MI, and I hate that this comment comes up high on Google searches for my name. I didn’t make the original comment, which I hope is quite evident since my full name was used, and nobody ever does that. For any potential employers, recruiters or those vetting me, please see through that. I couldn’t care less what any of you enjoy watching on TV. Please, by all means, enjoy your freedoms and whatever TV shows you like watching.

    • Kelby, it links back to your old supermedia email address… Nobody is trying to frame you. Maybe you shouldn’t have made the comment if you’re that concerned with your reputation.

    • Furthermore, I emailed you about this at work after it appeared and you never wrote anything back. You weren’t so concerned about your reputation then.

      • Kelby H says:

        Amanda, my concern about my reputation isn’t new. Thousands of people who worked at supermedia at the time would have known exactly what my email address was and any emails from you would either have not made it through our spam filters or not been recognized by me, and therefore deleted, since I knew nothing of your blog at the time. I don’t wish to engage in a discussion or argument about it. I simply wanted an opportunity to share the truth about this comment that was attributed to me. I have absolutely no problem with how you choose to spend your time, your choice in TV shows or your blog. I wish you all the best.

      • You can deny deny deny, but nobody would bother framing you over a ridiculous comment like this. If someone was going to impersonate you they would do far worse than trolling a blog. I have no doubt it was you who originally wrote it and you’ve since forgotten because it’s been years.

  2. Kelby Hirr says:

    You really have WAY too much time on your hands if this is what you do in your spare time. Really? All Reality TV shows? Your exactly what is wrong with this country!

    • Wow Kelby, thanks. Geez. Yes it is what I do in my SPARE time when I’m not running my business or taking care of my kids. It’s called a hobby. Why are you looking at the blog when you’re supposed to be working?

    • McClue says:

      Douchebags are what is wrong with this country. Douchebag.

    • Ken M says:

      Kelby, why is it any of your business what people do in their spare time in their own homes? Mind your own business and stop being a far right wing douche. That is all.

    • Bex says:

      What is wrong with the country is rude judgemental individuals.

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