Having two young kids, my nightlife is…well… non-existent.  My nights after the kids are in bed, are usually spent on the computer while the TV is on in the background.  I watch reality TV almost exclusively with some exceptions:  Glee, Smash, and How I Met Your Mother.  And while I like these shows, I tend to put them on the backburner in my DVR and get caught up on reality TV first.  So my posting will probably come the same day as a reality show airs and possibly several days after a “scripted” tv show airs… just so you understand the rhyme and reason of my blog posts.

I decided to blog about TV because I enjoy discussing it and honestly have no one to share it with in depth.  My closest friends don’t tend to watch the same shows I do, and my husband would rather watch paint dry than watch a lot of the same shows I do.  I have another blog which deals with more of personal matters, and although I have blogged about TV a few times on there, I thought it would be best to keep the two separate.  So here goes!  Hope you find it entertaining!

What are your thoughts?

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