As with all my postings, SPOILER ALERT 🙂

In episode one of Celebrity Apprentice, we saw Cheryl Tiegs go home and in episode two Victoria Gotti.  I am about to sit down to watch episode three and I am just praying it is not another woman!  Not that I truly thought Cheryl and Victoria were great assets to the team, but it would be nice to see the women make a comeback.

“Suck it up Buttercup” is a great way for Lisa Lampanelli to start the show off!  Couldn’t have said it better myself.  I have to say, I love seeing the part in every episode where the winning project manager delivers a check to their charity they are there to represent.  Seeing Penn Jillette get emotional over Opportunity Village was great.  I have seen Penn in person in Vegas… stood right next to the man, twice.  He is one BIG (meaning tall) dude.  And to see him get emotional over this great charity shows a more human side to him than he typically shows.

So this week’s task is creating two living windows at Lord & Taylor to promote Ivanka Trump’s new clothing and accessories line.  Forte (the women’s team) discuss who they want to as project manager and first Teresa Guidice volunteers and says she went to school for fashion.  Say what?!!  I have seen every episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey and 1) I don’t remember her ever mentioning that before and 2) she is the gaudiest dresser on all of the Real Housewives franchises combined… if she went to school for fashion she obviously did not get a degree.  Thankfully Dayana Mendoza objects and volunteers instead.  You know, a MODEL might have a little more experience than Teresa.  On the Unanimous team (the men), the debate is between Clay Aiken and George Takei for the obvious reason that they are both gay, so therefore they MUST be good at window decorating (gotta love man logic).

At this point, I think the men have a great idea: using a pair of twins, one in each window… one girl represents a woman during the day in business, then the other window has the “same girl” (the twin sister) showing her night outfit. On Forte, the women decided to use a few of the cast members as models.  Debbie Gibson volunteered, but Dayana shot her down because of her age (Ivanka’s instructions were to gear it towards women ages 25-35).  I had to laugh about that!  Debbie was not happy. Forte also decided to hang pictures of sketches of the clothing in one window and photos of the actual pieces in the other window.  I’ll have to see how this pans out, but I have my reservations about this idea.  I just don’t see how that will be too eye catching.  The pictues and sketches are rather small.

Oh! Arsenio Hall is smarter than I thought!  He is now realizing that gay men do not look at women very often and… SHOCKER… may not be exactly the best people for the job just because they are gay!  Let’s hear it for breaking through stereotypes!!

Ouch! Dee Snider needs to have surgery on his middle finger that he broke during the Medieval challenge.

The printer did not print the photos of the actual clothing.  It’s 12 minutes to presentation time and the women have no second window.  Aubrey O’Day comes up with a plan to have the women model the clothing themselves as if they were walking down a runway at the end of a fashion shoot.  Lisa says Aubrey is amazing and completely saved the day by coming up with Plan B in the matter of seconds.

Dee Snider walks in moments before presentation time after having surgery.  He truly is a Rock Star!

I am a HUGE fan of George Takai, but I have to say he was not the best at this challenge.  He delegated most of the duties and didn’t really take charge like I would have liked to have seen him do.  The men’s displays are pretty blah.  Basically just have three sets of twins standing in each display.  I don’t feel the Ivanka Trump name and logo were very prominent.  I feel the women actually pulled off the “after” look window very well considering it was a last minute idea.  The “before”/sketch window was a little bare to me and didn’t really “pop.” However I feel the logo was more prominent. Let’s see if the judges agree!

Boardroom time:  Donald and his two sons, Don Jr and Eric, are the judges.  Immediately they start grilling the women on who they would bring into the boardroom if they lost.  It’s a big love-fest between the women and no one wants to say a name as to who the weakest player is.  They are so confident they won that they don’t want to throw anyone under the bus.  That may be the case, but it does not make for good tv.  This went on entirely way too long.  The cat fight we were all waiting for did not happen.  Ivanka apparently loved the sign that Paul had made and wants it for herself.    Overall the men seem to have more cons to their display after both are reviewed.  I’m still rooting for the women here!!  C’mon girls!!

And the women have it!!  Yay!!  I wish the women would have won a challenge that depended more on their smarts than their fashion sense, but a win is a win!  So how will George bring back the boardroom?  We know who the losers are and yet there’s still 20 minutes left of the show.  I truly wish the boardroom scenes were shorter.  My guess at this point is that either George is going home or Lou (for simply not doing anything).

Sidenote… what’s with Clay Aiken’s stubble?  This red beard thing going on for him is not a good look and it’s distracting me.

George is bringing back Arsenio and Lou, but I really think we are just prolonging the inevitable that George is going home.  Bums me out because I love him!!  The man has 1.2 million “likes” on his facebook page and I am one of them!  Unfortunately, my intuition was right and George Takei was fired from The Apprentice.  George tweeted today that Trump has agreed to have lunch with him to discuss same-sex marriage.  I wish him luck!!

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