The ladies are packing up and leaving Africa and I have to say HALLELUIAH!  Marlo’s 15 minutes of fame needs to be up.  She should have never been on that trip in the first place, and we all know she was only on it to get more face time in front of the cameras.  She is not a cast member – girl needs to go.

I have to say Kim has come along way in the last year.  She is so much more tolerable than she used to be.  Kim was always my least favorite RHOA cast member, but I dare say she has toned down the attitude and classied it up.  Okay, so she still has the most vulgar mouth out of them all, but at least she seems so much happier than when she was with “Big Poppa.”  She no longer has this negative aura about her.  She would probably have less stress in her life if she would get a real assistant though and fire that Sweetie woman.  Sweetie does not have much ambition/motivation/doesn’t take initiative.

Cynthia comes home and gives her daughter, Noelle, goodies from Africa.  Peter asks where is his?  She admits she forgot.  Peter now tells her that he’s planning a big one year anniversary party.  To me, this is all for show.  They are not a happily married couple.  They try to hide it, but man, the camera shows everything – and it’s not just the editing.  It is my opinion that Peter wants to show everyone how in loooove he is with Cynthia so they will think a) he’s a wonderful husband, and b) they are happy together.   I don’t see this working out too well, but interested to find out!

Cynthia then tells Peter that Nene’s son, Bryson, has been arrested AGAIN for stealing something stupid like razors from Wal-Mart.  This is the son of the woman who was yelling at Sheree “I’m RICH b*tch!”  Then tells the cameras that she’s so proud of herself for being able to pay CASH for her son’s car which cost $13,500.  Now, I’m happy to see that she didn’t go out and buy him an Aston Martin and stayed within her means, but paying cash for a Dodge Charger with a negotiated price of $13,500 is not that big of accomplishment for someone claiming to be as wealthy as she is.  Now he’s stealing a razor from Wal-Mart?  Hmmm.  Not saying he stole it because he couldn’t afford it, but there’s still something fishy here.  At least she will be able to pay his attorney fees now.

Kandi: Did she or did she not say that Kim would never have held a little black baby in Africa?  What I heard, is what Kandi is also saying, that she said she couldn’t picture Kim in Africa at all – which didn’t have anything to do with black people.  Looks like Sheree is just stirring the pot.  Kim is not racist and I feel sometimes that it’s just an easy target to say she is since she’s the only white cast member.  I love baby KJ too.  How cute is he?!

Kandi and Phaedra visit Sheree’s lot where she’s in the process of “building” her house.  The lot has yet to be cleared – nothing has been done on it at all.  Kandi and Phaedra wonder if Sheree is having financial problems.  Sheree is seen talking with Kim and further stirring the pot and creating a rift with Kandi in regards to the comment made at the African orphanage.  I do like Sheree, but I feel like she’s just trying to cause trouble in this case.  Kandi and Phaedra arrive at Kim’s.  Phaedra gives her commentary on the flowers walking up to the door. Everything that girl does cracks me.  “Mmmm… she got some impatiens.  Mmm, girl.  Nice nice.”  haha!  She acts as though she’s judging Kim on every step she takes towards her new home.  As an outsider, it’s hilarious.

Peter questions Nene about why Bryson is in jail and how she’s going to handle it.  She explains he’s been in jail 5 days and she does not plan to bail him out.  She’s planning to let him wait it out 30 days in order for a lesson to be learned.  If that were me, I would make my son spend 24 hours in the holding cell and then I would get him out.  Bryson keeps getting in minor trouble here and there and this may be the thing that will straighten him out.  However, I agree with Peter’s point of view that 24 hours is all it takes to scare him straight.  He wasn’t in there for drugs, drunk driving, killing anybody… he stole some small thing from Wal-Mart.  It is time for him to come home.

Back to the uncomfortable luncheon at Kim’s house.  Kim, Sheree, Phaedra, and Kandi are discussing the African trip.  Kim is just glaring at Kandi the entire time and you can feel the elephant in the room that no one is discussing.  I sense things are going to blow up at any second.  Kandi can’t even look at Kim in the face.  And BAM! The claws are out and the screaming begins.  Some great lines came out of the fight so far though “Black baby, white baby, purple baby, pink baby… I love babies, b*tch!” and “I didn’t say nothin’ about a black baby!”  (and this is where my mom thinks, “why does she even watch these shows?” haha).  So the argument turns into would Kim have gone to South Africa or not if she had not just had a baby.  I am on Kandi’s side when she says that she does not see Kim going.  Kim just likes the finer things in life, doesn’t want to get her nails or wigs dirty, etc.  I don’t think that it means Kandi has a low opinion of Kim, as Kim thinks, I think it just means that it’s just not Kim’s thing.  My friends like to go camping, I do not.  I am not less of a person because I don’t like to go camping.  That is all Kandi is trying to say about Kim and South Africa.

Next episode looks good… it’s Peter’s party he’s throwing for their anniversary and of course Peter says something offensive about Cynthia’s sister and that creates a whole family feud.  Way to go, Peter.   Looking forward to watching that drama though! 🙂


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  1. I think Cynthia and Peter will be fine as long as they continue to communicate with each other. They are not complete strangers to one another, they just made their relationship official and that takes work. Peter has to get over what her family did at the wedding, he is to old to hold a gudge. And Cynthia’s sister just has to keep her nose out of their relationship.

    Just because NeNe states she is rich, has nothing to do with how she is careful with how she spends her money. Some people who have grown up knowing the value of a dollar, learn how to handle a dollar when they have to work hard for it. And we all can not be there when our children choose to make the wrong decisions, we can only hope that our children use the tools we give them to make the right decision when we are not there. That is the use of their brain in deciding right from wrong. How many stars have been on the news for shoplifting and or stealing someones property? Without naming them, each one of them could have afforded to pay for the item, instead chose not to. All over 18 years old. When do we stop blaming the parent? Heck, NeNe’s son should have been glad his mother even bought him a car at all, he would of had to buy it himself. To many of these parents who have millions spoon feed their kids at a young age, and they keep expecting it, that’s when they start to do what they want. Razor’s or not it’s the fact that he got caught taking something that didn’t belong to him.

    Kim and Sweetie have the worst working relationship ever, but hasn’t Kim claimed that Sweetie is her friend who is also her assistant?? She can’t be both. As we have learned those kind of relationships usually don’t work. Sweetie obviously has no assistant skills and never has, picked up on that when she was first introduced in early episodes, and then subtle hints before Kroy left for camp. She makes for a good babysitter. Kroy had definitely settled Kim down, but she is a lazy stay at home mom, she has all kind of help and she’s still complaining. No she wouldn’t have went to Africa even if she didn’t have the baby, she’s too picky, she would have been worst than Marlo looking for a hairdresser and a makeup artist, to come to the bush. And we probably didn’t see Marlo the last day cause she was probably still nursing her stomach. She was eating a glass of crushed ice while they were packing. Hint to always pack pepto and other stomach relief antacid meds.

    And now that Sheree doesn’t have Phaedra as her lawyer, who’s going to go after the contractor to see why he’s not on schedule. Oh yea, maybe because she might find out that she doesn’t have the money to cover the checks she wrote. That’s why she got her check back from Phaedra after she went to court with her and talked smack instead of following Phaedra’s advice. If she would just send her baby’s daddy to jail, for back pay on his child support, despite his claims, she wouldn’t have to front. He would come up with the bucks to get out of jail. What happened to her invisible clothing line? Now she wants to stir up this pot with Kandi and Kim about something that wasn’t even said. Is she a real friend? I am trying to understand her motives, like Kandi said on Bravo, she should have said something on the safari if she thought Kandi was wrong.

    • Thank you, Donnita, for your comment and your opinions on the show! I agree Cynthia’s sister needs to butt out, but I think she believes Cynthia’s made a mistake and isn’t happy. Your assessment of Kim and Sweetie is dead on. She needs an assistant that will also motivate her I think Sweetie is just enabling her lazy personality by being lazy right along with her. Yeah I think Sheree should just admit that she doesn’t have any money and stop trying to act like she does. The girls will probably like her better for it. I want to know who Kandi is dating! I’ve just now had the time to watch her on WWHL. Thanks again for your comments!

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