My husband looked at the DVR schedule for tonight and he said, “So you’ve got the Bachelor: Women Tell All” tonight, huh? And I said, “eh…” and he’s response was, “what’s the matter?  Don’t you usually really look forward to this episode?” To which I said, “I just can’t picture the ladies saying anything that I don’t already know they’re going to say.”  But I turned it on anyway and just the opening teaser got me excited!  Shawntel is back, Nicki still loves Ben, and a bunch of other catty drama, PLUS Courtney is actually there too which has to be a Bachelor first to have one of the final two women on the Women Tell All show.  So now I’m excited!  Let’s get this started!

Starting out with past bachelor/bachelorettes: Where Are They Now?  Bachelor reunion party at the Mirage in Las Vegas… now that looks like a good time!  Update: Ed and Jillian broke up because of “the distance.”  He claims they are still good friends though and talk often.  Ryan P (Mr Perma-Grin from Ashley’s season) still single and the girls are falling all over him. Ali and Roberto broke up which is news to me!  Apparently I haven’t been keeping track of the Bachelor peeps as well as I thought I had been, even though I follow most of them on Twitter.  (I know, it’s really shameful) Frank… the one who left Ali on the show to go back to his ex girlfriend.  They make it look like Ali and Frank might get back together again.  That’s always been an odd couple to me, but I do really like Frank.  Bachelor Pad buzz is going around… who’s going to be Bachelor Pad?  They don’t actually say!  Boo!  Have to keep waiting.

The dumped women enter the stage.  The most shocking and talked about scenes are replayed in a clip montage.  The focus turns to Blakeley and the claws immediately come out.  Blakeley explains she wasn’t there to make friends, which is good since she only made enemies.  Samantha completely loses it on Blakeley in a really high pitched annoying voice.  Brittney explains she left because she had absolutely no attraction to Ben what-so-ever. (Glad someone admitted that! Sorry, Ben is not my favorite Bachelor) Samantha, once again, attacks her out of nowhere for crying in her bedroom saying that she was crying because Blakeley had bullied her all day.  Not exactly sure how that’s relevant.  Brittney goes on to explain that she gave up her one-on-one date with Ben leaving it for Lindzi and now Lindzi has made it to the end, so Brittney is happy about her decision to leave the show. Brittney shuts Samantha up finally by saying, “You are like the chihuahua in the house – you just don’t stop talking!  Just shut up!”

Back from the commercial break and Shawntel from Brad’s Season, makes another appearance to discuss her appearance on Ben’s season.  Again, a recap of the women being catty.  She’s explaining to Chris Harrison that she only spent 2 minutes with Ben but she spent 2 hours talking to the women.  Poor girl!  I only feel bad for her because of how the women treated her.  However, I think she should have known they wouldn’t be happy about her waltzing into their season of the Bachelor.  Some women apologize for their actions, others are defending themselves by saying the way Shawntel walked into the room she brought it on herself.

Emily’s turn in the hotseat!  I have been hot and cold on Emily.  I didn’t care for her much in the beginning because I felt she talked about diseases way too much and was a little annoying.  Then throughout the season I started to see how human and normal she was and I began to really like her.  I was sad the day she went home.  I felt that Ben should have realized that Emily was just looking out for him and he was just too blinded by Courtney to see what Emily was trying to tell him.  Emily, in the hotseat, truly keeps it real, tells it like it is, without being too catty about it.  She was hurt by Ben but explains that her perfect man wouldn’t have done or said some of the things Ben said to her… i.e “Tread lightly” and “you don’t know me as well as you think you do.”

Nicki’s next up in the hot seat! The beautiful divorcee.  I never thought she would be one of the last two standing, but I always did like her.  She was someone that I would love to have around as a friend.  Positive, bubbly, yet real and just overall friendly.  Plus she’s cute as a button!  The way Ben discussed her departure with Chris Harrison made me think something happened in the “fantasy suite” that made Ben not want to pick her.  Just pure speculation, but almost seemed that he hinted at that.   Nicki explains she was 100% shocked she did not get that rose at the last rose ceremony.  But she has no regrets.

Kasie B – now she was my favorite throughout the whole thing, until the “Hometown Dates.”  It was pretty apparent to me that their two families just come from two different worlds.  While that is not always a deal breaker, it just seemed to really show how different they really are as people too. I still love Kasie B as person.  I think she’ll make some guy very happy – just not Ben. She doesn’t really say anything you wouldn’t expect her to say while Chris Harrison is interviewing her.  But she did say that she feels it came down to their core values and he just did not see himself at Christmas dinner with her family.

Courtney (or Michelle Money v 2.0 as I like to call her):  a recap of the nutcase that Michelle Courtney is. Overall it just seems like simple immaturity to me.  Obviously there is something that Ben finds appealing about that.  The girls do a great deal of bashing Courtney – though nothing that the viewers haven’t already thought of her already.  Then it’s revealed to the women that Courtney is backstage and ready to defend herself, but she has not been able to hear anything the girls have been saying about her.  <Commercial break>  Courtney is here to tell her side of the story.  I have a feeling I will not believe a single word she says.  She says she has many regrets, disappointed in herself for acting the way she did, blah blah blah.  She’s just full of apologies to everyone.  It just seems like she’s trying to save face to come out looking better to America.  These are the least sincere apologies I’ve ever seen.  “It was never my intentions to hurt anyone…”  Ummm… yeah it was.  She purposely put people down and made them feel inferior. And now the tears come rolling and it’s time for another commercial break.  This has got to be the producers last ditch effort to get America to like Courtney because I have a hunch Ben picks her in the end.  I am proud of the women though for their relentless grilling of Courtney without just being flat out catty.  Courtney ends it with tears and saying “I cared for Ben…(long pause)… and I still do.”  Maybe he doesn’t pick her?  Hmmmm.

Now Ben’s turn…. CUT YOUR HAIR!!!!  Okay, had to get that out of the way.  The women are all like, “why did you let me go??”  ugh.  Nicki is kissing up to him saying “you are the best man I have ever met.” The girls are all in agreement that he sucks at how he says goodbye to the women.  I liked that.  haha.  Clips of the bloopers is always good for a laugh.  Ben and Lindzi get attacked by a tiny bird on a boat, Ben and Courtney got attacked by a Cow, lots of falling, omg Ben dancing is horrible… lots of horrible dancing.

Recap of the journey Ben has taken with both Courtney and Lindzi.  Anyone else notice that they keep showing Kasey B and Nicki holding hands during the Women Take All?  I know they both loved Ben and they’ve been great friends throughout this, but let go of the hands already.  It’s a little weird.

While I am rooting for Lindzi 100% I really think he picks Courtney in the end.  Lindzi would be a fantastic mother to Ben’s kids.  She comes across like a preschool teacher… can’t remember her profession.  “The most controversial season finale that you’ll just have to see to believe.”  Seems like after all these years they could come up with better lines than that.  I have avoided reading the spoiler blogs as far as who he picks in the end, so please don’t comment any spoilers for the last episode.  Looking forward to next week!  Thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts?

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