Yahoo news reported via Associated Press that Jermaine Jones tweeted that he is off the show!  The tweet states:  “Awww I will no longer b on the show” from his official Idol account, but it was later deleted.

This is somewhat of a shocker, but given the recent controversy over his statements regarding his father, I am not too surprised.  Last week Jermaine said he received a call from his estranged father out of the blue.  He stated he had not spoken to his father for years and it disturbed him that now that he’s sort of famous, his dad decided to call him.  Come to find out, he fabricated the whole story.  Not only does he have an ongoing relationship with his dad, but he was IN THE AUDIENCE supporting his son during last week’s show.

Regardless if the Idol bass singer was fired or chose to leave, the jig (or is it gig in this case?) is up!  Will they bring back what’s his face from last week??  We will find out later today!

Photo by Fox, Michael Becker

*** Update from original post: TMZ reports that Jermaine will be leaving the show on Wednesday after he concealed the fact that he was arrested twice last year and has outstanding warrants. “We’re told one of the incidents involved violence, which was particularly troublesome to producers.  He also lied to cops by giving them fake names both times he was arrested.”  Seems the gentle giant is not as gentle as we thought.

What are your thoughts?

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