Nine minutes into the show, the project managers have been chosen, and I’m saying it’s a total crap shoot at this point who will win based on the PM.  For Unanimous, the men’s team, they have chosen Lou Ferrigno, and the women’s team, Forte, has gone with Tia Carrere.  Now, who doesn’t love Tia from the days of Wayne’s World?  The problem is, on this show, she hasn’t proven to be too bright.  And Lou, he just thinks his biggest assets are his muscles as prove by his round of pushups he did after announcing he’s project manager.  Oy.  The task is to make a viral video to promote an O Cedar mop.  Lou’s bright idea…. have him be in the video flexing his muscles.  Ugh!!  Dayana shouts out idea after idea and none of the girls are open to hearing any of them.  Maybe they’re not the best ideas, but they’re not even listening enough to give her a chance.  Meanwhile, Aubrey acts like she’s the smartest, most creative person on the team (which maybe she is) but her arrogance is getting a bit annoying as well.

“What’s Your Number” was the concept the women came up with.  Lisa Lampanelli suggested that they make it look like how many sex partners have you had, but really it’s about how many mops have you had in your life.  Really… how many people know how many mops they’ve had?  Wouldn’t be my choice, but maybe they can pull it off.  The men’s brainstorming session on what concept they should go with isn’t going so well.  Any idea Lou throws out (albeit they’re all about superheroes, go figure) Penn keeps shooting down and being condescending.  Clay Aiken actually sticks up for Lou and puts Penn in his place for a minute calling him out on the fact that all he’s doing is shooting down ideas but not coming up with anything better.  Clay goes on to attack Penn a little further and Penn actually backed down and apologized.  That is awesome!  The men finally came up with the idea “I’ll Mop the Floor With You” and started to roll with it.  Penn continued to pout throughout the day after Clay stood up to him.

Meanwhile, the majority of the girls have decided they hate their concept, and it’s actually made them grow closer together (i.e. Debbie and Aubrey) because they all have something in common… they hate Tia’s idea.  Now that they have shown the taping of both the men’s and the women’s videos, I am completely rooting for the men.  Makes me angry that better women weren’t chosen for this show.  Women are seriously not typically this stupid, truly!  I think there will definitely be a man celebrity apprentice winner this season.

Presentation time… goes to show it’s only the finished product that matters… the women smoked the men.  Their in-person presentation was far better, the video could have featured the product a bit better, but overall their entire package was far better than the men’s.  The men should have had someone else do the presentation that had more energy and easier to understand than Lou.  At this point, I would say, surprisingly that the women won.  However, I predicted wrongly last week, so we’ll see!

Boardroom… everyone is already picking at each other before they even know which team won.  I am noticing that the person in the best position right now is Teresa Guidice because she never says anything.  She’s completely flying under the radar and not making enemies, but not taking on any responsibilities either. Okay… this boardroom discussion is going on waaaaay too long without knowing who the winner is yet.  So much back and forth and finger pointing when it could end up being completely irrelevant.  FINALLY an answer…. the men won.  Once again I was wrong, oh well.  This has been a really boring episode.  I really don’t care which of the women go home, honestly.   Whoa! Patricia just called out Teresa as the weakest player!  Look out!  There might be some table flipping coming up!  While the women attack each other, the men talk about how self righteous Aubrey is and one says, “no wonder Diddy fired her!” LOL   But she does make some decent points if you can get past her arrogance.  Tia takes responsibility for the loss and Trump then fires her.  Tia Carrere is fired.  Wow… very anticlimactic boardroom.  Very very long boardroom.  Two hours of my life I’ll never get back.  Let’s hope the next episode is better!!


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