Peter and Cynthia reflect on their anniversary party and the scene that her sister, Mallory, pulled.  They just don’t know what Mallory’s beef is with Peter.  Some people think Mallory needs to butt out of Cynthia’s life and let her live it, but I also see Mallory’s side of it because it seems Peter isn’t very nice to her and keeps perpetuating the fight.  They need to either work it out or just steer clear of each other.  Obviously, they can’t seem to be in the same room with each other until it’s resolved.

Kandi and Kim revisit the comments that were said in Africa and trying to mend their friendship that’s had some troubles over the past year or so.  They’ve missed each other and are trying to get it back to the way it was before the whole music thing happened or the Africa comments.  So nice to see the girls make up and not have a catty fight or yelling or anything.  That’s great!

Nene is trying to decide if she wants to go through with her divorce.  She and Greg have been separated for a year now and she still has mixed feelings.  Seems to me like she wants the safety net of Greg, but wants to have fun as a single woman as well.

Apollo is speaking at a Mason’s Lodge breakfast and is extremely nervous to speak about his “passport to manhood”.  Phaedra is taking her sweet time getting in there but walks in just as Apollo starts to speak.  His speech is actually really good and inspirational.  His message is that it’s okay for young, black men to wear their pants up to their waist, it’s okay for to not be the class clown and to be smart.  Being smart makes the money, not the clown.  Good message!

Kandi is going over her song “If Money Could Grow On Trees” for Jo Dee Messina and it sounds HOT!  I love it!  It’s already stuck in my head.

Sheree’s daughter, Tierra, informs her that her boyfriend has been shopping around for engagement rings.  Sheree recommends that she keeps a side of money to herself just so that she has a safety net in case things fall through with Damon.  Basically to never be fully dependent on a man.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I think Sheree is jaded by her own experience with marriage.

Mallory comes to Cynthia to apologize for the scene she caused at the anniversary party.  Mallory says she’s going to just not worry about Cynthia’s life and to concentrate on her own life.  Cynthia tells her she just doesn’t really like her at this point right now and she thinks that’s a good idea.  I’m surprised to see Cynthia being so assertive with her sister.  I’m used to Cynthia being more of a doormat.

Phaedra and Apollo’s son’, Aiden, turns 1 and of course Phaedra has an over the top birthday party featuring 12 cakes (one for every month he has been alive).  Yes, 12 cakes that are presented to Aiden one by one.  Get real.  I love Phaedra, but sometimes she is just too much.  She likes to flaunt her money by being extreme and over the top and ridiculous.

Sheree meets with her daughter, Tierra’s boyfriend, Damon, about them getting married.  Damon explains that he’s in love with Tierra and they’ve been together for 6 years.  He seems very sincere when he says it.  Says he’s faithful, committed, supportive, etc.  Sheree tells him the engagement diamond needs to be at least 3 karats.  Really??  Is that the priority here?  The size of the diamond means nothing.  This poor boy doesn’t exactly look like he has a ton of money.  How about saving his money to support a family.

Kandi meets with Jo Dee Messina at her home.  Kandi seems completely uncomfortable but it’s cool to see these two worlds of hip-hop and country come together.  “Teamwork makes dreamwork” Kandi says.  I love that!

Nene meets with a therapist about coming to a conclusion about her divorce.  She explains that she’s in love with Greg, but she’s not happy.  She explains she wants to remain friends with Greg.

Show ends with Kandi and Jo Dee singing their song at a small venue in Nashville.  She feels great because a year ago she said she wanted to write country music and here she is writing it.  She says her mom always says “If you can conceive it then you can achieve it.”  Very inspiring.  Go Kandi!!  I am happy to see her be a positive person to have on the show and that she is so successful in her endeavors.

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