Episode starts out with Tamra going to the plastic surgeon to consult about having her breast implants reduced/removed.  She says in Orange County breasts are what gives you power.  Tamra feels like she’s secure enough in her own body now that she doesn’t need them to give her power.  This is probably one of Tamra’s smartest decisions (aside from ditching Simon) that I’ve seen her make on this show.  The doc tells her she has enough of her own breast there to still give her a B-cup without implants so she is looking to have them removed completely.

Meanwhile Alexis is in the process of having her nose done… work on her sinuses plus removal of a bump on her nose.  Yuck.. hate watching these kind of surgeries! Ugh!  They just showed the doctor breaking her nose.  Ouch!  That just seemed completely barbaric.  She’s awake now but her eyes are swollen shut, she is completely bruised by her  nose and eyes, and she just looks like she is in so much pain.

Skip to Vicki at the hospital with Briana… she is standing outside the hospital when her son, Mike,  comes up to greet her and she is crying.  She tells Mike that the doctor came to speak with her and told her that the thyroid looked really bad, they took out all the lymph nodes and the doctor said he wouldn’t be surprised if it’s cancerous.  Vicki is my least favorite housewife of the O.C., but I still feel for her going through this with her daughter.  However, Briana is a very strong person and I see her getting through this.

Heather explains her struggles of a stay at home mom.  She says it’s much harder to be at home than it is to work.  I completely agree with that!!!  She has 4 kids under the age of 7 and I can only imagine how hectic that must be – even if she does have help (which I’m not even sure how much she has).  She’s talking about opening a restaurant with her friends and calls it a fun pet project for them.  Not sure how you can open and run a restaurant as a pet project, but I can understand her wanting to get out of the house and have something to work on.

Gretchen meets with Robin who is the founder of the Pussycats Dolls and the choreographer. This is a big opportunity for her.  She gets to sit in on a rehearsal of the pussycat dolls.  I think she feels like she’s completely out of her element.  She doesn’t really have formal dancing training aside from cheerleading in high school and she’s not much of a singer, though she’s had one single.  I believe she’s attractive enough to be a pussycat doll, but the rest of the stuff I’m unsure about as well.

Vicki calls Tamra from the hospital and reports on what the doctor has told her about Briana’s surgery.  The tumors were on her vocal chords, lymph nodes, and thyroid.  Doctor has said to prepare for the worst.

Heather invites Tamra and Vicki along with her and her friends to take a helicopter to L.A. to speak to the owner of a successful restaurant to learn more about the restaurant business.  Heather says she with 5 friends are opening this restaurant.  Vicki is alarmed because they don’t have a written agreement.  Heather says it’s fine because they are all BEST friends.  I’m definitely on Vicki’s side on this one.  Six women cannot enter into a business together without some sort of written agreement.  Especially with as much money as they are talking about spending on opening this thing.

Alexis goes to the doc to have it all checked out and it just looks so swollen and gross.  Why would anyone want to go through this?  I’m so squeamish when it comes to this stuff.  I don’t want to see any of this until it’s all better.  Ugh!!  Posted this the other day, but again to see Alexis’ new nose, check out Andy’s pic here.

Back to Heather’s restaurant trip… Vicki seems to think she needs to get them a voice of reason and be the debbie downer about it.  Not saying I don’t agree with her, but not sure if it’s her place to say much of anything seeing as she barely knows Heather and are meeting two of her friends for the very first time.  But Vicki isn’t usually shy about sharing her overbearing opinion so why start now?

Tamra’s having trouble dealing with the fact she’ll be signing her divorce papers in the following week.  She feels like a failure and like she has failed her kids.  They were married for 15 years.  That’s a long time.  I can understand the hard emotions going through this.  On one hand I am sure she’s happy to be away from Simon’s control, but on the other hand there’s that stigma of getting divorced and feeling like she has failed.  Previews for the next episode show her signing her divorce papers, Briana getting her results, and further healing and bandages taken off of Alexis.

What are your thoughts?

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