So it was announced at the end of last episode that those going into the final dome will be Johnny and Camila vs Mark and Robin by the power couple CT and Diem.  Neither couple have been in the dome this season and I believe it’s fair that they duke it out this way.  So those that will be in the final for sure are CT, Diem, Ty, and Emily.  There is no doubt that Ty and Emily deserve to be in the final.  They went in the dome… what… 4? 5? times and won each time.  That’s amazing.  They are fierce competitors. Now it’s time for the remaining to prove they deserve a spot.  I am torn on who I would rather see in the final.  Johnny can be such a jerk, but he’s great at the game.  He’s good at strategizing, manipulating, and at the physical challenges.  Mark is good at the physical challenges and he and Robin are much more likable than Johnny and Camila, but they haven’t really proven themselves this season.  Still, I feel they are a bit of the underdogs, and it’s hard for me not to root for them.

Okay, so the two couples that are safe from elimination are out celebrating meanwhile Johnny and Mark are stressing.  Next morning, again half the house is chilling and the other half is freaking out.  Robin is about to have a mental breakdown.  Ty is trying to get Robin’s head in the game.  The safe couples are pulling for Mark and Robin to come back so they’re trying to get her to think about her son, Ethan, and how much this money would mean to them.  Mark brings back the bandana to give him the look he had in 1995 Road Rules.  Holy cow, it’s been a long time and Mark is old!  🙂

Dome time!  X-battle… both opponents hold on to the X and try to wrestle it away from their opponent.  Guys vs guys, Girls vs Girls.  This will be an all out drag out fight.  Girls are up first Round 1… after a long battle, Camila is finally able to get it out of Robin’s hands.  Round 2… Camila wins again, but Robin really put up a good fight.  Now it’s the Guys heat… Round 1… Johnny got in the best position and was finally able to get the X away from Mark and drew blood from Mark in the process.  Round 2… Johnny flips to his bank which puts Mark in the best position and he’s able to rip it from Johnny’s hands.  This forces a Round 3… Johnny manages to bend Mark’s arm and wrist all the way backwards and pulls the X from his hands.  Mark and Robin are eliminated.  😦  Mark says, again, that this was his last challenge.  After 17 years, he’s hanging it up, and I can’t say I blame him!

The house just receives a text that they are leaving the Dominican Republic and on their way to Iceland!  They arrive in Iceland at 8am the following day and it’s 3 degrees!  They go back to their hotel where they have been given a bunch of snow gear/attire.   They have 24 hours before the challenge begins.  They go out partying, of course, and then crash back at the hotel where they each tell their partner how happy they are that they’re their partner.  It’s all very sweet considering they’re exes.  CT and Diem especially seem to have that spark in their eyes for the other one.  As much as I haven’t liked CT in the past, he has definitely shown his softer, more humane, side of himself this season and I’m almost even hoping he and Diem get back together and also that they win this thing.  How is it that CT went from one of my most hated players to the one I’m really rooting for?  So odd!

The house gets their many many many layers of clothing on and head out to the final challenge where it is -6 degrees out.   Viking Quest is the name of the challenge… first place couple wins $150,000 second place wins $100,000 and last place wins $40,000 but the catch is you have to finish.  You don’t finish, you don’t get any money.  It’s a race with 7 checkpoints.  You have to finish the challenge at each checkpoint before you can move on and you will receive an artifact that you have to take with you.  They are on a glacier with dog sleds.  How cool is that?!  (No pun intended)

Checkpoint 1, CT & Diem made it first.  They jump off the sleds and now have to run to the next checkpoint. The teams arrive at Checkpoint 2 and host TJ Lavin is greeting them with news that they need to strip down to their underwear and jump in the river, walk over and touch a buoy and jump back out.  The river is -1.1 degrees and TJ informs them that 30 seconds in there would cause hypothermia.  MTV loves nearly killing these people every final challenge, I swear!  The best timed couple receives the best sleeping arrangements on the glacier.  Sleep?  They have to sleep on the glacier?  This is insane!  CT and Diem strip down and are the first couple to jump in.  CT does awesome, he is so fast and gets out and gets in the warming van and looks back and Diem is almost like trapped in the water and begging for help.  CT is now half naked after stripping off his wet, long underwear and has to go back out there to grab her arm and pull her out.  Johnny and Camilla are champs at this… they definitely look like they beat CT and Diem’s time.  This seriously looks painful though.  Johnny describes it as being stabbed by a million razor blades all over his body all at once.  I hate being cold, even if it’s just for a few seconds.  I could not handle this extreme cold. Okay, last up is Ty and Emily… Ty looks completely freaked.  Wow!  I think Ty’s fear really motivated him through this.  However, CT & Diem still won because overall they have the best time with the diving into the lake combined with the dog sled and run to the checkpoints.  Therefore they receive the best sleeping arrangements… a tent with heating lamps, deer skin, air mattress.  It is currently -22 degrees out.  This is just pure hell.  I’m sorry, if I went through all of this and came in 3rd place and only got to take home $20k, I would be so mad.  It is so not worth it.  I am not sure if it’s even worth the top prize of taking home $75k individually.

To be continued….





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