The women go back to the suite after last week’s firing and of course immediately they split off into their two groups and start getting catty.  Lisa and Aubrey are talking to Teresa about how they think Patricia and Dayana are dead weight and don’t have brains.  This is just hilarious to me because they are talking to TERESA of all people.  Those that only know Teresa from this show have only seen a glimpse of how unintelligent she really is, although I suspect that will be coming through more now that there are fewer people around.  However, in the opening sequence her quote, “I’m not slow!  I’m …. I’m… I’m the OPPOSITE of slow!”  has got to be a great line.

This week’s challenge is to throw a Crystal Lite’s “Mocktail” launch party for the new flavors.  Aubrey volunteers to be project manager because she loves Crystal Lite, and was a big partyer during her sorority and Danity Kane days.  Clay Aiken stepped up to be the men’s project manager.  Clay says that Aubrey has an advantage because she’s clearly a clubber…. “Just look at that hair!  She came out of her mother’s choch and started ramming the stripper pole,” said the classy Clay Aiken.  I am so tired and contemplated not writing a blog on tonight’s episode, but with Clay as PM, this is going to be good!

The men decide on the theme “Life’s a Peach” and then have a launch party that is a beach theme.  The women have the idea of having the pomegranate as the forbidden fruit and it’s no longer forbidden because there are zero claroies.  It’s a modern Garden of Eden theme. Teresa’s been put in charge of the design of the place ( her friends tell her she has exquisite taste – yeah if you like leopard print and flashy gold homes) , Debbie is doing a jingle for Crystal Lite, and Patricia is working on the signage/print ads.  Arsenio and Penn set out to get props and displays to fill the room with, Dee is working on signage, Paul is building the bar and other stuff, and not too sure what Lou is doing at this point.  Of course, Clay is singing the jingle to the tune of “Under the Boardwalk.”  He does do a great job! Flash to Debbie in the studio singing her jingle and it is so horrible compared to Clay’s.  Just goes to show you don’t have to be able to sing to make it in the music biz.  Aubrey should have done the singing instead.  The song is “In The Garden of Crystal De-Lite”.  I think they will get nailed for saying “de-lite” when the name of the drink is crystal lite.

The women’s room looks great and chic.  It’s white and red themed with pictures of gardens and flowers on the wall, lounge seating, red drinks… looks high class.  The men’s room looks very sparse.  Not too colorful, sand on the floor doesn’t look appealing to me, and nobody is there.  However, I really like their signs better than the women’s team.  I think it’s better on the brand message than the girl’s.  Crystal Lite is very prominent on the sign.  Finally the men’s room starts filling up with people… thank goodness for Clay’s “Clay-mates”.  His fans really are loyal and dressed in beach attire.  The “fun” atmosphere is really working there… limbo, soul train line, dancing… looks like a blast!  The women had the guests write down their healthiest desire on cards and Lisa would read them in front of everyone.  Then Debbie, of course, performed her annoying hook, but it seemed to go over pretty well with both the execs and then audience.  So the execs go to the men’s team’s party now and everyone’s having fun, but I think they will get nailed on not having enough signs and not incorporating the product as much as the women did.  Clay sang “Under the Boardwalk” but that can’t beat a jingle that has the Crystal Lite’s name in it even if it wasn’t sung the best.

Okay, execs are giving their opinions and basically said the same thing… men should have used more branding, and they thought Aubrey was the clear star.

Boardroom time! Women are confident that they won.  Teresa says she would eliminate Dayana if they lost, Dayana says she would fire Aubrey, and Lisa couldn’t decide because everyone stepped up.  The men think they won as well.  The guys are all singing Clay’s praises.  He did great as a project manager.  Clay says based on this task he would bring back to the boardroom Dee, and then possibly Paul or Lou.  I was going to guess Paul or Lou but was a little surprised by Dee.  Aubrey said she would choose Dayana and Patricia to come back to the boardroom with her if they lost.   Here comes the announcement of who won…. women lost, men won.  Okay… this must be weird editing or something.  This is my third week in a row, at least, where I have predicted the wrong winner.  Based on promoting the product itself, I really thought the women would have won.  The guys had a more entertaining atmosphere, but I didn’t feel like they promoted Crystal Lite as well as the women.  This is very puzzling to me.

The women are in the boardroom by themselves now and Aubrey is already crying.  She says she’s just sad that her charity misses out and she felt they really did a great job.  Her charity is GLSEN: Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network that targets bullying in schools.  Trump decided he liked Aubrey’s passion and said he would give her charity $10,000.  The nice gesture made Lisa cry.  The downfall of the women’s team was determined to be the signage and not having the Crystal Lite logo everywhere.  Patricia was in charge of printing and signage.  Aubrey says she’s invaluable to the team, a few of the other women agree that she’s been the voice behind the creative efforts in the majority of the tasks, and Dayana finally points out that they have also lost 4 out of 6 tasks.  Aubrey decides to bring back Patricia and Dayana… no surprise.  My opinion is that Patricia should go because of the signage.  I think overall Aubrey did the best she could have done on this task.  Aubrey is still saying that Dayana should be the one to go home even though it was Patricia that messed up the signs.  Lots of bickering back and forth and finally Patricia is fired.  Not sad over this one.  She seems nice, but she doesn’t have enough personality to really get attached to her.  I do like that she was probably the least catty on the girls team.

Next week looks great… the teams go co-ed, there’s two tasks in one episode, and someone walks out.  Plus tons of drama and meltdowns.  Love it!!




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