Is it bad that I have been anxiously waiting for the reunion starting from half way through the season?  The Atlanta housewives are just so catty with each other and two faced that I love to see their reactions after they have seen the private interviews with the ladies throughout the season.  Like Phaedra’s “everybody knows…” statements where she explains how one of the ladies was not acting properly in the given situation.  “Everybody knows you don’t talk while someone is giving a presentation…” in response to Kim making comments about how long the Willie award ceremony went on.

So when I remembered that it was Sunday and that the RHOA reunion was on… I decided to postpone watching Celebrity Apprentice and dive right into RHOA first.  Yippie!  The claws will be coming out for sure!

The Smalls vs the Talls… love it!  She by Sheree is coming back, Sheree has announced.  That’s hilarious!  Nene announces that she is feeling “Gleeful” (she’s now been guest starring on Glee) and if not she will still “remain rich.”  Pan to Sheree rolling her eyes.  Seriously Nene!!  If you have to TELL people you’re rich, you’re not rich, you’re just shallow.

One of the first issues to be brought up is Kandi’s “Bedroom Kandi” sex toy product line.  The ladies are all having a laugh, good conversation about it, Kandi expresses how profitable it has been, and suddenly Nene just gets all upset like she is too high and mighty for it.  She said she just doesn’t have time for her party where forty year old women are standing around gossiping and discussing the toys.  Nene has this anger behind her on this subject that I am just not understanding.  Right out of the gates Nene starts attacking Kandi.  Now, Kandi’s my girl.  She does not deserve this craziness.  She is by far the most successful woman on RHOA… possibly out of all of the Housewives franchises… plus she’s the most down to earth on top of it.  Don’t be attacking my girl, Nene!

Kandi just revealed that she’s dating the production manager of the RHOA show.  She met while the show was in Africa, it sounds like.  She says she’s in love and he’s a great guy!  Yay!!  “Matchmaking at Bravo…”  Kim says which coincidentally segues to Kim’s meeting of Troy while taping RHOA and has since had a baby and got married.  Ohhhh!  Kim just announced she is 4 months pregnant!!!  She discusses a little about spending her and Troy’s money, blah blah blah… not all that exciting to comment on.   But dang, girl is pregnant AGAIN.  That’s all I can focus on.

Sheree’s issues in court with her ex, Bob Whitfield, and Phaedra are now brought up.  Sheree is immediately crying and saying how hard it has been with Bob not paying his child support.  Sheree says she doesn’t feel that Phaedra took it serious enough and didn’t file the proper paperwork and had to consult with another attorney because she didn’t know what she was doing.  Phaedra is remaining calm and explaining that is not correct and says she wears the crown of throwing everyone under the bus.  Sheree keeps getting questioned on how she’s been spending her money when she’s been needing child support from her ex.  Nene refers to “Chateau Sheree” as “Neverland” and says it probably 50 times because she says her house was never built, there’s nothing there.  “NEVER – LAND”  she repeats.  Why is Nene so angry about everything??

Nene’s Trump Check “Rich Bitch” fight comes to light again.  Talking about how being on Celebrity Apprentice has really opened her up to the business side of things.  She says now that she wasn’t referring to “Trump Checks” when she said she was rich.  Sheree reveals that Piers Morgan said that he got paid $25k to be on the show and he actually won… “he didn’t quit” as Sheree jabs.  Then they both start arguing so loud you can’t understand which either are saying.  Sheree brings something up about Nene’s son shoplifting at Wal-mart.  Sheree says that the kids are reflections of them and Nene disagrees.  Nene says that kids should not be brought up.  Kim says that Nene has tweeted about having 3 different baby daddies.  Nene says that doesn’t have to do with the kids.  Kim and Andy disagree that it does have to do with the kids.

Nene and Kim get into a fight over whether or not it’s smart that Kim rents her house.  Nene again starts arguing above anyone who speaks and just repeats herself over and over and it’s so annoying because then it turns from entertainment to frustration because you can’t understand a dang thing.

So my reunion was just a bit of a disappointment with too much talking over each other but there were a few good lines in there… Sheree: “Don’t give me that face.”  Nene: “You need to fix that body!” Sheree: “You need to fix your face!”



What are your thoughts?

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