Episode begins with Clay and Lisa already spatting.  Aubrey says she can’t stand Clay and his comments.  I have to say I can’t stand Lisa and Aubrey being so mean and manipulative towards everyone.  Clay has surprisingly impressed me throughout this competition.  I thought he would over the top and annoying, but he has actually comes across very intelligent and composed.  However, I sense that this episode may bring out the worst in Clay.

Trump explains the task with Brian Hensen (son of Jim Hensen) while standing in FAO Schwarz.  Hensen has a live improv puppet show for adults. Stuffed and Unstrung… the task is to build two puppet characters and perform an act live on stage.  Trump needs to even out the teams, so he moves Clay over to the team with Lisa, Dayana, and Penn.  This splits up the Arsenio and Clay duo but also puts Clay and Lisa together which is recipe for disaster.  Lisa steps up as project manager, Paul Sr steps up on his team to be PM.

Aubrey is still leading even though Paul Sr is the project manager, however, she’s doing it more in a team player type kind of way.  Arsenio and Teresa are going to be the puppets, Aubrey will be the host, and Paul will be overseeing everything.  Penn’s team has determined that he cannot be a puppet because he is too tall to make it work… Penn will be the host, Lisa and Clay are puppets, and Lisa is struggling to find something for Dayana to do.

So far I’m really liking this task.  It’s really interesting to me to see the behind the scenes of making puppets and putting on an adult puppet show.  Arsenio: “Everything’s better with boobs.”  lol… in regards to Teresa saying she wants boobs on her puppet.  Lisa continues to make racial slurs towards Dayana.  Paul is really sitting back and not doing a whole lot.  Teresa and Arsenio’s puppets are not as versatile as they originally stated they wanted them to be.  Not sure if this will be an issue further down the road or not.   Also, they are wasting a lot of time developing the puppets instead of learning how to do the improve with puppets as the other team already has.  The way the editing and direction of this show is going, Paul is definitely coming off as the weakest player, but it all comes down to the final execution.  If everything falls into place despite his lazy managing style, then it really doesn’t matter.

Teresa is having a hard time moving the mouth of the puppet along with the syllables of the words she is saying.  It’s actually quite hilarious how much she has to think about it in order to make it happen.  Aubrey, of course, has total faith in herself and thinks she will make a fantastic host.

Dayana’s fabrication of the puppets was so good that the employees there said they would hire her for real to do that job.  Penn points out that he has received zero job offers and commends the job that Dayana has done a great job so far and doesn’t trust what has been said in the boardroom.  Dayana might have an ally in the boardroom that she doesn’t even see coming yet.

Ivanka has also noticed how Aubrey has taken a bit of a backseat during this competition and has taken the advice of others and being more of a team player.

Clay and Lisa rehearse with their puppets, Penn is practicing his hosting duties, and Dayana has absolutely nothing to do.  Lisa hasn’t given her anything to work on at all.  This will be (or should be, at least) Lisa’s downfall in the boardroom rather than Dayana’s.  Sidenote… Clay has really impressed Penn, and myself, with his improv abilities with the puppet.  Teresa on the other team is just doing ridiculously bad in the rehearsals.  I cannot wait to see how this plays out on stage.

Lisa and Dayana get into it because Dayana has nothing to do.  Lisa says “Just because you’re not on stage you’re not happy.”  But really it has nothing to do with being on stage… she just wants SOMETHING to do.  It finally brings Dayana to tears.  Lisa has been unfairly mean towards Dayana.  Lisa keeps saying “she always has to be the star.”  Dayana’s not asking to be the star, she just wants to contribute.  Penn stayed completely quiet during this and Clay only said a few things.  Smart men!  But Lisa gets mad that they didn’t step in and give her backup.

Showtime!!  Penn is doing a phenomenal job of hosting, but that is no surprise since he does a show in Vegas nightly, of which I have actually seen and he’s awesome.  Clay and Lisa are also doing a pretty good job, some of the jokes tended to be a little sexual in nature, but it is an adult show, so at least if it’s funny it should be okay.  The audience seemed to love it.  I can’t imagine Teresa and Arsenio being funnier.

Aubrey is doing a decent job at being host.  Obviously not as good as Penn, but entertaining enough.  The audience is actually laughing at Teresa more than I expected.  I expected there to be sounds of crickets, but her imperfections were actually quite funny.  Aubrey of course thinks she now has a gift for hosting and her hosting saved the day.  Brian Hensen did confirm though that Aubrey did a good job of knowing when to cut the scene and end it.

Boardroom time… now it’s time for them to all go at each other before they even know who won.  This should be fun!  The discussion immediately turns to Dayana’s level of involvement in the task.  Lisa again says that Dayana is only upset because she wasn’t on stage, Dayana disagrees with that as being the reason she was upset.  Trump asks Lisa who she would bring back if they lose and she immediately starts crying and whining.  She says she’s the comedian if they lose she should be the only one to come back.  Okay, that’s just dumb.  She said she’s not on this show to be a villain and to make little girls cry.  Why Lisa is suddenly playing the victim here is beyond me.

Paul’s team in the hotseat now.  Trump asks Paul who he thinks should be brought back to the boardroom if they lost and he says Teresa because she had a hard time making up her mind.  Paul is commended for being able to complete the task even though he blew out his back.

And the winner of the task was…. Lisa’s team with Clay, Penn, and Dayana.  They deserve the win, it’s not surprising, but unfortunately it means Lisa will be around for another week.  Somebody on Paul’s team will now be fired.  No doubt that it needs to come down to Paul or Teresa.  Although I don’t have much respect for Teresa, I feel Paul should be fired on this task because 1) he’s project manager, and 2) he honestly did nothing.  Aubrey really did carry the team – even though I’d hate to see her ego get any bigger.

The puppets on Paul’s team really weren’t versatile as a mentioned earlier and that really was one of their downfalls.  However, I agree with Teresa that it lays on Paul’s shoulders because he was PM.  Arsenio is saying that Paul should stay because he was a great leader… all he could do was lead… Arsenio says.  I must have been watching something other than Arsenio because I saw absolutely no leadership come from Paul at all.  I like Paul more than I like Teresa, but in this circumstance, I want Paul to be fired.  Paul brings back Aubrey and Teresa into the boardroom and let’s Arsenio off the hook.  Trump gets on Paul’s case for bringing Aubrey back when the executives loved Aubrey and didn’t love Arsenio.  Paul is fired for losing the task and not bringing Arsenio back in the boardroom.  This was a predictable outcome to the show, but I still enjoyed this episode.  Must be the puppets.  🙂

What are your thoughts?

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