I have been enjoying this season of RHOC more than any other season so far.  It has seemed a lot lighter, easier to watch than the drama filled seasons prior.  There is a lot more comic relief and I think Heather brings a grounded dynamic to the cast.

Tamra got her breast reduction and Vicki is just in shock anyone would want to have “itty bitty titties.”  She flat out tells Tamra they look too small.  Shallow!  The conversation then revisits what happened at the bowling alley in last episode because Tamra wasn’t there.  Gretchen’s friend and Vicki kind of went at it and Vicki told Tamra that she confided in Alexis about the situation.  That then bugs Tamra because she’s not buying that they’re suddenly friends now, and Vicki thinks Tamra’s being a hypocrite because she (Tamra) is now friends with Gretchen, who Vicki loathes.  Vicki has a strange relationship with Tamra and seems jealous of everything she does and seems to be constantly wanting to one-up her or spite her in some way even though they’re friends.  It’s not healthy.  Vicki’s last words to her are “you have no boobs and no butt.”  Gee, what a friend.

Alexis describes to her friend and makeup/hairstylist, Shannon, what “glamping” (sp?) is: basically glamorous camping.  “Being one with nature without actually having to touch it” she says.  All the ladies have agreed to come except for Tamara since she is still recovering from her surgery and Alexis has also invited Shannon to go as well.  Alexis keeps saying over and over how down to earth she really is because she’s from Missouri.  I, for one, am not buying it.  Since Alexis just had her nose job, she tells Shannon she can’t bend over or lift anything so Shannon will need to carry her bags for her and drive.

Gretchen is packing for the camping trip and Slade is being a mother hen about her resting her voice and taking care of herself before the pussycat doll performance.  Slade seems more concerned with her doing well at her performance than actually worried about her.  I think he has a hidden agenda here.

Eddie visits Tamra and they play with her implants (now out of her body).  He tells her she looks good without them and now she looks normal. He is playful with her and just really nice and what she needs at a moment like this.

The girls arrive to go “glamping” and they find out that they have to cook their own food.  The horror!!  The food is already prepared, marinated, and the market people will even bring it to their cabin, but they have to cook it over the fire.  Heather is completely put off by this.  OKay, maybe I take back what I said earlier about her being the grounded one!

Gretchen calls and says she decided not to go glamping because she needs to rest her voice and learn her song.  She’s worried she would be talking too much.  The women finally get the fire started after some bickering and start cooking the food.  Then they hear a sound in the woods and they all freak out.  Turns out it’s a skunk and Vicki is screaming and chasing after the thing while the other women are filming it all on their phones.  Hilarious!

Vicki finds out that Briana is dating someone because she put “in a relationship” on facebook.  Briana doesn’t want to divulge information about it to her mom and Vicki is obviously not liking not knowing every little detail.

I can just see the producers being extremely disappointed that this camping trip turned out as boring as it is.  No big fireworks or cat fights or anything.  Just prissy girls trying to make it in the “woods”.

Gretchen practices her song and is upset at how hoarse her voice still is.  It’s not sounding how she wants it to sound and she’s stressed.  She has a meltdown in the car with Slade and is really scared she’s going to blow her opportunity.  She blames it on arguing with Vicki and blames Slade for ever using that material in his comedy act that made Vicki mad in the first place.  Not sure what Slade’s reaction to that was because DVR cut off!  Drats.

Video of the girls glamping:


Interesting fact that was revealed on WWHL: “Glamping” was said in this episode a total of 21 times!!


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