Top 7 Idols perform “Dancing In the Street”. I have to admit that these group numbers have improved over the years, but they always seem a bit silly to me.  However, they do use a number of these songs on tour (coming from somebody who has seen 2 Idol concerts – season 1 and season 9), so maybe that’s why they continue to do them as a way to fill the time on elimination night.

Those of you who DVR and don’t watch the results show live, do you fast forward the Ford commercials/music video each week?  I usually do, but tonight I’m watching live so it’s not possible.  It was a shorter commercial than usual, so I guess that’s more bearable.

Joshua & Hollie are up first…. I would guess Hollie is in the bottom three this week, even though I love her and think she’s adorable.  Joshua is probably one of my least favorites, but it seems that the judges and America really likes him.  But Hollie was awesome last night, so I guess I just can’t decide!!  Okay, my gut instinct was right Hollie is in the bottom three.

Taylor Hicks in the audience!  Haven’t seen him in ages!  Wow…. he announces he will be in Vegas this summer.  That makes me laugh.

Kris Allen performs!  I was a huge fan of Kris… hence why I went to the season 9 concert.  He’s at a piano on a rotating platform… little cheesy, but I can forgive him.  His falsetto is a little weak tonight, but I’m digging the song.  He’s simply adorable.

Elise and Skylar are now up… Obviously Elise is going to be in the bottom three.  She may even be the one to go home tonight.  Elise says she gets criticized more than the others because maybe the judges feel she’s older and can take it.  I agree she seems to get a bit more of “tough love” than the rest, but I also think she needs it.  This season has amazing talent and Elise is good, but there’s always something just a little missing.  No surprise, Elise is in the bottom three, Skylar is safe.

Sidenote – it’s been confirmed that Sons of Sylvia / Clark Brothers, Adam & Ashley Clark were on idol performing with Skylar last night!  I KNEW that had to be Ashley, but I totally missed Adam!

Tribute to Dick Clark.  People may mock Ryan Seacrest, but he really is the Dick Clark of the new millennium.  He is seriously the busiest man in hollywood at this time.

LMFAO performs…. RedFoo’s voice sounds extra gritty like he was out late last night partying and screaming.  Hmmm… he probably was!  The song “Sorry for Party Rocking” must have a lot of profanity because the censors are going crazy.  Jennifer Lopez looks like she is not a fan of them.  Wonder how many songs they can make about partying and still have them be hits.  It’s getting old, in my opinion.

Phillip, Colton and Jessica… I say the men are safe and Jessica’s in the bottom three.  Phillip and Colton are just great and have the female votes.  Jessica was a bit boring last night.  Wow!  Jessica is safe!!  That means Colton or Phillip are in the bottom.  I have no clue who it would be.  Neither of them have been in the bottom three before!  Phillip is safe, Colton is in the bottom three.  I’m really surprised!

Another shocker… Elise is safe and that leaves Colton or Hollie to go home.  I am almost happy it’s not Elise just because I have a hard time not rooting for the underdog and I know she’s really trying and she brings a different kind of flavor to the show.  However, I will NOT be happy if Colton goes home and Hollie is just so darn cute I want her to stick around too.  Man this stinks, but I guess I want it to be Hollie.

SHOCKER!!!!!  COLTON GOES HOME!  Hollie is safe.  Wow wow wow.  I am so sad!  Colton will be big though.  He really does have a huge career ahead of him.  However, I pegged him to be the top two if not the winner.  He already has the swagger of a rock star.  I love Colton and I am sad!  Ryan reassures him he will have a big career and you can tell he is completely sincere.  This is a bigger shocker than when Chris Daughtry went home in 4th place.  Really…. Colton does not deserve 7th place.  Okay, I need to be done with my rant.  Phillip is so visibly upset, can’t even look up.

So readers… did the right person go home?  Obviously you know my thoughts on this!

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  1. At least when Taylor Hicks starts getting old he’ll have the whole \”Dude, you have a gray hair!\” thing out of the way already

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