Part 3 starts out with a BANG!  Andy asks Kim a question from a reader that states (paraphrasing here) How can you hate on Marlo for dating men for money when you did the same thing with Big Poppa?  Kim immediately gets defensive and upset.  (Remember, this may be the beginning of an episode for us, but this is probably going on hour 4 or 5 of the taping of the reunion and Kim is probably FED UP by now).  She says she was very much involved with Big Poppa, he was involved with her kids, she wasn’t with him for the money, she was in a relationship.  She says she was not a mistress.  Nene disagrees and says “if you are with a married man you ARE a mistress, that is what you are called.”  For whatever reason, Cynthia jumps in and just goes crazy on Kim.  Then Marlo and Kandi start going at it.  Lots of screaming already and it’s only 6 minutes in!  It’s all happening rapid fire like that I can’t even write about it!!  Who’s spending money on who, who’s taking money from who.  It’s crazy.  They all just need to stay out of each others’ financial business!

Talls vs Smalls segment… clips from the season of the two groups against each other.  Kandi says Cynthia changes when Nene’s around or not around.  I have noticed this in the episodes as well.  Cynthia is a lot sweet, nicer, down to earth around the “smalls” but once she gets around Nene her attitude comes out more.  Nene brings out the worst in Cynthia because honestly I actually do like Cynthia and I think when she’s around the “smalls” that’s more of her true self than when she’s around Nene.

Nene says that Kim is the boss of the smalls.  The Smalls all say they don’t have a boss, but Nene says they all run back and report back to Kim.

Ugh… all the screaming and yelling is getting to me!  Marlo needs to get off the dang couch and go back to where she came from.  She is just stirring up trouble and getting everyone mad at her and each other.

Andy does a recap of clips throughout the past four seasons of Sheree stirring up drama and getting into some major fights.  Really making Sheree look like a fool.  I bet this is why Sheree has recently announced she has quit the show. The show doesn’t paint her in a very good light.

Hey! Marlo’s off the couch now!  Either this is editing and this part was actually taped before Marlo even came out.  But either way she’s gone!  Yay!  Andy’s asks Nene and Kim if there was a defining moment that ended their friendship and Nene said no it was just a bunch of things adding up and all the back and forth, friends one minute, not friends another.  Kim says that their friendship turned into more of a shouting match all the time (imagine that!) and that the communication just really broke down.

Flashbacks of the first season when Kim was dating Big Poppa and Nene was happily married to Greg.  Kim looks sooo much better now!!  I forget how terrible she used to look.  She is gorgeous now compared to season one!  So now Nene is dating a sugar daddy, kind of dating, and accepting expensive gifts and Kim is happily married to Kroy.

Nene takes credit for Sheree and Kim being on the show of RHOA.  Nene said the producers came to her and said that Sheree was a little boring, but Nene went to bat for her.  Sheree takes offense to it and won’t give Nene any credit.  Kim on the other hand tells Nene she’s very thankful because she knows she wouldn’t be on the show if it weren’t for her and she wouldn’t have met her husband then either.

The women talk about what they have going on in their lives now.  Nene has Glee and her own Moscato wine, Cynthia has the Bailey Agency and is loving teaching the students, Kandi has BedroomKandi, she’s in love, Phaedra has her funeral business, Sheree’s working on She by Sheree and athletic apparel, Kim has Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding coming out on Bravo and also a country song coming out May 1st.  Yikes! 🙂

Okay, loved the reunion, but happy it is now over!!!  I sincerely hope they don’t bring Marlo on as a cast member next year to replace Sheree.

What are your thoughts?

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