I am so happy I do not have to wait any longer for the new season of RHONJ.  Last season ended with Teresa’s newest cookbook coming out and shocking everyone with what was inside.  She slammed not only her family who she had been feuding the whole season with, but also her friends that have stayed by her side from day one: Caroline and Jacqueline.  At last season’s reunion, Jacqueline was a no show and Andy pointed out that they were in the middle of filming season 4 (this season).  Caroline explains that she just couldn’t come and look at Teresa.

After showing the clip from the reunion where Teresa says Caroline and Jacqueline are no longer like family but can’t explain why because says “that’s fourth season, remember?  And we can’t go there” it flashes to 4 months earlier.  So now we’re watching what happened between the end of season 3 and the taping of the reunion.  It’s summer time, Kathy’s family is out grilling, and the subject of Teresa’s cookbook is brought up.  Apparently the book just came out and Joe Gorga hasn’t read it yet, doesn’t know anything about it.  Kathy’s husband reads an excerpt from the book that slams Melissa Gorga, Teresa’s sister-in-law.  Joe, Teresa’s brother, is ticked.  Melissa and Joe are trying to look past it though in order to mend their relationship with Teresa.

Pan to Caroline’s house now where her whole family and Jacqueline’s whole family is standing around discussing the cookbook too.  The subject then moves to Jacqueline’s daughter, Ashley, and Jacqueline explains she’s at the end of her rope with her.  Apparently Ashley has dyed her hair blonde, has multiple tattoos, and is still being disrespectful.

In walks Teresa and Joe Guidice.  You could cut the tension with a knife.  Teresa pulls Caroline aside and says she didn’t mean anything offensive in the book and meant it all as a joke.  Caroline is very hurt, but Teresa isn’t really owning up to it.  Caroline’s especially mad about the line she put in the book about her son, Christopher.  Teresa says she stands by her book 110%.  So therefore she’s not really apologizing.

Kathy, Melissa, Teresa and husbands are packing to go to the Jersey Shore for a vacation and Melissa has family there.  Meanwhile, Jacqueline has a life coach come to the house to discuss Ashley and the problems they have with her.  Back to Joe and Melissa…. Joe tells her that Teresa called him up the other day and said, “You know if a richer guy came along, Melissa would leave you for him.”  Melissa gets mad at Joe for telling her that she said this because now she’s mad at Teresa but can’t bring it up to her because it will make her (Melissa) look bad.  Melissa’s really working hard on trying to mend the relationship and not pick a fight over everything.

Carolyn goes to see a doc about her migraines and he tells her that it’s probably menopause.  She’s getting old, he tells her.  He jokes that she should get new friends to eliviate some stress.

They keep showing interactions between Teresa, Joe, and their 4 daughters.  These girls are just running wild and they have the foulest mouths of any little girls I’ve ever seen.  These girls, all under 11, have said the word “stupid” more times in 3 minutes worth of tape than most kids say in their lifetimes.  Teresa confronts Joe about how their daughter Gia, the 11 year old, has read the magazines that say Joe might be going to prison, he’s cheating on Teresa, etc.  Joe just says “it is what it is.”  Teresa tells Gia none of it’s true, but truth is, they don’t know yet if Joe is going to prison or not.

Kathy, Melissa, and their families discuss Teresa and how whatever is going on in Teresa’s family she tries to project it onto Melissa’s family.  Teresa’s not happily married so she says Melissa’s not happily married, etc.  Teresa is just a hot mess in every sense of the word and it’s frustrating just as a viewer that Teresa can’t see that, I can’t imagine how hard it would be to actually be related to her.

Joe Gorda tells Teresa he will always be her brother and will always be there for her.  Teresa says “Joe (her husband) was gone for a week and you didn’t even call me.”  Joe was really trying to be sincere, but Teresa keeps trying to pick a fight.  They kind of mend things a bit and decide to keep working on their relationship.

Jacqueline and her husband have a talk with Ashley and tell her she either needs to leave in the morning to go live with her aunt and uncle in Las Vegas or she needs to move out and then she’s completely cut off.  She reluctantly decides she will move to Vegas.

Scenes are shown from the season and it just looks like sooo much drama with Teresa.  Usually I like watching this kind of drama unfold, but in this circumstance I just feel sad.  I am sad for Caroline and especially Jacqueline to have lost their friend and someone they stood by for years completely change and turn into this ugly, disrespectful, delusional person.  Looks like the entire season will be everyone against Teresa.


What are your thoughts?

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