Gretchen visits Alexis at her home to see a tape of Alexis on Fox live.  Gretchen reveals that she was actually asked first for this part on the news but because of schedule conflicts she couldn’t do it.  She said that they keep calling her asking her to do it, but she is happy Alexis is doing it.  Alexis didn’t know that Gretchen had been called first for this part and is speechless and annoyed that Gretchen even told her that.  Alexis has her over to ask for her advice but as Gretchen gives her advice Alexis gets defensive.  She says she thought Gretchen would have been more “supportive” and feels that her relationship with Tamra has made her more critical and that Gretchen just can’t be happy for Alexis.  But in reality, Alexis is TERRIBLE at her job and she doesn’t realize how nice Gretchen really was being by just giving her the few critiques that she did.

Heather got a call from her agent telling her about an audition she should go do for a television series.  She feels unsettled auditioning for a role and being able to keep up with being a mom of four kids under the age of 7.

Gretchen calls each of the ladies to see if they’re going to Las Vegas to see her perform with the Pussycat Dolls.  Tamra and Alexis are definitely on board. She still has to call Vicki and talk with her about what happened at the Bunko party.

Heather gets back from her audition and tells her husband that the show she auditioned for films in Canada.  Her husband isn’t thrilled with this.  He keeps bringing up how many hours she’s on set even when she doesn’t have a large role.  He comes around though and says whatever makes her happy he’ll support.  If it means getting two nannies, he’ll do it.  They have such a sweet and grounded relationship.  I love it!

Alexis sits down to have a similar discussion with her husband, Jim.  Alexis is telling him how much she loves her Fox 5 job and wants to get some sort of coach.  He doesn’t see how that fits into being a wife and a mother.  Her goal is to someday be a host of a show.  Jim is not liking this at all.  Jim says an acting coach would be one more thing that would taking her away from the family.  He doesn’t like her giving up even more time with the family.  Jim has the complete opposite take on this situation than Heather’s husband.  Men like him driving me insane.  A woman has an important role in the family, but she can have important careers outside the home as well.

Vicki has decided to go to Vegas to see Gretchen.  She’s willing to move past and believes they both owe each other an apology, but until then it will just be the elephant in the room.

Gretchen arrives in Las Vegas with Slade.  She is super excited and can’t believe that a childhood dream of hers is coming true.  They go up to her suite at the Cosmopolitan and it is absolutely gorgeous!  The view is unbelievable and the suite is totally ritzy.  She has only one rehearsal before the live show.  She looks hot, but her voice is not so good.  Okay, it’s pretty bad, let’s be honest.  But seriously, is anyone going to care that she was pitchy while singing “Fever”?  Although the director is telling her it’s all about the vocals.  Slade has complete confidence that once it’s showtime she’s going to be amazing. But right now she is absolutely freaking out.

Alexis and Jim are late for dinner with the rest of the crew in Vegas because she got her makeup botched by a makeup artist in her hotel room.  Jim made her take it all off and start all over again.  She said the makeup artist must have been trying to cover up her bruises from the nose job.  Brooks is telling Jim and Alexis about some affirmation that he gave Vicki about telling her she’s world.  Everyone thinks Brooks is just full on BS.  It seems like he just says everything that sounds good, but isn’t sincere about any of it.  He comes off like a big con artist.

Gretchen is about to go out on stage and Alexis corners her to say a prayer for her.  Hilarious!  Praying that she does well on her Pussycat Doll gig.  I’m sure God is very concerned about that.  And then the episode cuts off and we have to wait until NEXT week to see her performance! But the next episode looks like a doozy!  Gretchen’s performance, then Vicki apologizes for past stuff but it looks like it may not go so well, and Breana has something to tell her mom, Vicki.  She says she’s going to drop a bomb on her.  Going to be good!

What are your thoughts?

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