I’m sad that it’s Queen night and Colton isn’t performing.  He would have done really well tonight!  I love Queen!  Can’t believe Freddie Mercury’s been gone since 1991.  Doesn’t seem like that long ago.  The contestants sit down with two band members from Queen and they said that Freddie Mercury was actually very shy, but became a rock god once he got on stage.  That’s very surprising to me.

The Final 6 perform a medley with Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen.  They sing a mash up of Queen songs and it is actually super good!  Elise and Skylar sound the best with their gritty, rock voices, but even Joshua is killing it.  Elise is definitely the star of this medley though.  She was born to sing this kind of music.  She’s right in her element.

Jessica Sanchez:  Bohemian Rhapsody… okay, I like it better than I thought I would, but I hated how they put three of her heads on the screen in the background like they did in the original music video.  That was just purely cheesy.  Ouch, and the part of the song that’s hard rock was a little rough, but the slower softer parts of the song were good.

Sidenote… not a fan of J-Lo’s gold outfit.

Skylar Laine:  The Show Must Go On: Okay, I LOVE this!!  With the orchestra, the band, and her voice… this is probably my favorite performance of this season so far.  Gave me chills!  Love love love!  She could win this thing.  AMAZING

Joshua Ledet: Crazy Little Thing Called Love:  Good song choice for him considering it’s Queen and rock.  However, I’m not loving it.  He’s singing in the higher range that I just don’t care for on him.  It’s too whiny/screamy/screechy.  Just not for me.  Judges give him a standing ovation??  I just don’t get it.  I guarantee you, if Joshua wins, he will not sell records.  It will be like Taylor Hicks all over again.

Elise Testone: I Want It All: Again, I will say she is definitely in her element.  She looks more comfortable than usual up on stage.  She is really giving it her all.  I am glad that she’s been able to hang around in this competition.  I don’t think she will win it, but she is good and she is entertaining and deserves to be there right now.  Hey, J-Lo just said she’s in her element.  Took the words out of my mouth! 🙂

Phillip Phillips: Fat Bottom Girls: I love that he chose this song!  He’s laughing as he sings it because the lyrics are hysterical.  I love it though.  I love his energy, he’s adorable, and he performed it well!  Steven and Jennifer liked it, but Randy thought it was just good.  I agree it wasn’t the BEST performance of the night, but I still liked it and love him.

Hollie Cavanaugh: Save Me: Starting off pretty shaky.  But now the choir and band are joining in and it’s getting better, stronger.  Overall I think the song was a little too big for her or in the wrong key or something.   Usually I would say she has a strong enough voice to sing anything, but not tonight.

Round 2: Contestants get to pick their own songs of any era and genre

Jessica Sanchez: Dance With My Father:  She explains that this song means a lot to her because her father is in the military and was deployed to Afghanistan and will be going to Singapore soon.  She said she’s a big daddy’s girl.  I’ve never been a fan of this song for some reason, but DANG can Jessica sing!  I like this so much better than the original version of this song by Luther Vandross.  DAMN she can sing!  J-Lo says it’s the most beautiful she’s ever heard that song sung.  BEAUTIFUL!

Skylar Laine: Tattoos on this Town?  I think is the name of the song.  It’s okay.  I almost think she can sing rock better than country.  It’s a little twangy for my tastes, but it was cute.

Joshua Ledet: I Am Ready For Love:  His vocal control is incredible this time.  It’s much softer and smoother.  This is the side of Josh that I like.  This is a great performance.  Wow, he did this run at the end that was just so on pitch and so controlled.  Not usually a big fan, but wow.  Seriously wow.  This one deserved the standing ovation.

Elise Testone: Bold As Love by Jimi Hendrix: No idea what song this is, but I’m liking it.  I think it could hurt her that she’s not singing a more familiar song.  It’s got to be an incredibly hard song to sing.  It’s half talking, half singing, with a bit of scatting in it.  Very interesting song!  Would like to know what the original sounds like.  Her husband, Wallace, performed with her.  Steven said the same as me that you have to be careful picking a song no one knows.

Phillip Phillips: The Stone by Dave Matthews Band:  Oh Phillip… what have you done?  His vocals were so boring during this song. Oh I did not like this at all and it pains me to say that.  I LOVE Phillip… I do not love this performance.  Steven didn’t like it, J-Lo thought it was too artsy she said he needs to stick more mainstream until the end, but Randy disagrees.

Hollie Cavanaugh:  The Climb: Very good!  I liked it…. not much else to say about it though.  Very good and powerful.  Standing ovation from the judges.

OKay, my bottom three picks would be: Elise, Phillip, and Hollie.  Even though I love all three, it’s getting hard.  Phillip will be safe, but he chose the wrong song.



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