Another one bites the dust!

“Somebody to Love” is performed by The Queen Extravaganza.  I love this song, I do not love this lead singer guy.  In fact, I’m fast forwarding.

Turns out Ryan Seacrest was sick last night and they even kept a puke bucket just to the side of the stage last night because he was in fact that ill.  He didn’t know if he would be able to host last night and Nigel Lithgoe was going to step in.  Ryan was a no show at rehearsals, but made it through the show last night without anyone even really noticing he wasn’t feeling well.  The man is a pro.

Media training with TMZ.  The “reporters” at TMZ grill the contestants with hard questions they may be asked once they’re out in public and famous.  They ask Skylar if it was hard to see Colton go… because they’re dating.  She turns bright red and denies that they’re dating and says they’re just friends, but her laughter says something different.  Body language shows that at least something’s going on there.  Cute!  Jessica has over 200 YouTube videos of herself out there.  lol

Okay, results time…. Jessica & Elise… this one should be a no-brainer who is safe and who is in the bottom 3.  Jessica is safe and Elise is in the bottom 3.

Idol tour kicks off in July in Detroit!  Casey Abrams is on stage with even more hair than he had last year.

“Idol Favorite” Stefano is now performing.  I was never a fan of his last year, but this song is pretty catchy and his dance moves are pretty smooth.  He’s singing with a background track of his voice though.  That’s a little weird.  He’s a good dancer though.

Hollie & Joshua are up… again, seems like a no brainer that Hollie will be in the bottom three and Joshua will be in the top three.   Yup, that was pretty anticlimactic…  Hollie is in the bottom 3.

Katy Perry performance: “Part of Me”  The set and her outfit is pretty cool with an army / battlefield type setting.  In camouflage, fake smoke. night vision camera, it’s pretty interesting to watch.  The song and vocals are just okay though.

So You Think You Can Dance premiers May 24th!

Skylar & Phillip:  This is a tricky one… my prediction is that Skylar is safe and Phillip is in the bottom three.  Wow, I am wrong.  Skylar is in the bottom three… Phillip is safe!  But immediately Skylar is saved and sent back to the couches.

So it is down to Elise or Hollie.  I think it will be Elise.  This is really hard because I think she’s uber talented, but it’s just her time. Yup, Elise is eliminated.  Elise Testone is going home.  I’m a bit sad, but there really isn’t anybody else that I think deserves to go instead of her.  Do you think the right person went home?

What are your thoughts?

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