Now that it’s getting down to the wire, Celebrity Apprentice has been getting so good!  I’ve been really looking forward to this episode.

Aubrey is having a field day gloating about her win last week.  Her ego is now ginormous!  Down to two men and 4 women despite the women starting off on a horrific losing streak.

Aubrey’s charity is GLSEN – Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, that focuses on bullying, especially against the LGBT community in school.  Aubrey talks about how she was bullied in school and couldn’t even find teachers to back her.  As much as I sometimes rip on Aubrey, I really like this charity she has chosen.  It’s nice that she has been able to deliver a check to them.

The task:  Write and produce a 90 sec jingle for Good Sam and performing it live in front of an audience.  Arsenio has taken on the role of Project Manager for his team and Dayana’s team has stepped up to be PM of her team.

So the teams are in their vans going to location and Dayana asks, “so are jingles like a christmas feeling all of the time?”  hahaha.  I don’t know if this is a language barrier issue or an IQ problem, but made me laugh regardless.

Aubrey and Arsenio are already building tension between them when she suggests either doing a cheerleader theme or doing a tap dancer thing.  She says she could teach Arsenio how to tap dance, and he says as a black man there is no way he is tap dancing.  The tension is just building! After the exec from Good Sam comes in, and talks about how the “mascot” is the central piece and Aubrey asks if he’s like a cheerleader and the exec says yes… and so much more.  THEN Arsenio jumps on board with Aubrey’s idea and is willing to do a cheerleader themed jingle.

The exec tells Dayana’s team to go for fun, excitement, and not to play it safe.  The branding is important.  Lisa has an idea of going with a 60’s feel for the jingle.  I’m not sure how well that fits with fun and exciting.  Seems too old school for me, but will have to see how it plays out.

Back to Aubrey’s team… the musicians and engineers come in and Aubrey explains that it’s like a “Holla Back Girl”, Gwen Stefani type cheerleading feel.  Arsenio gives her the reins of writing the music and really running with it with the musicians.  Looks like creatively they’re getting a good handle on things.

Clay’s team, I mean Dayana’s (lol), sits with the musicians and they don’t seem to have much of a direction.  Dayana has no clue and they can’t decide on genre.  Dayana just concedes and goes with the 60’s team because of lack of time.  Dayana asks if they can add a little more “pink, or yellow” to it.  The musicians just look at her blankly.  I mean… what???  She’s not even making sense!  She also seems to think that “Sam” and “Track” rhyme.  “It’s like the blind leading the seeing” Clay says.  Unless the final product is phenomenal, this team is completely self destructing.

So once again, Don Jr comes in the room and Aubrey steps aside to bash them all.  Saying things like, “Arsenio’s not creative.  I’m the only one that’s creative….”  even if that were true… she looks HORRIBLE calling everyone out like that on a task that’s actually going rather smoothly.

Don Jr now comes into Dayana’s team and Dayana tells him how great it is that Clay is on their team because he really knows what he’s doing.  Lisa gets offended and says that the ideas have really come from both of them.  Dayana says Clay is an expert, and Lisa has the loudest voice, so it’s hard to get her ideas through.  Clay says the bulk of the writing has been done by Lisa.  Dayana defends herself and Lisa starts crying and then yelling and swearing at her.  She went from 0 to 60 in two seconds.  She points her finger in Dayana’s face and yells “do this whole thing yourself because you are out of line AGAIN…” and storms out of the room.  She comes back in the room still calling Dayana a little bitch and won’t speak to her until she gets an apology from her.  Ugh!  How childish.  They both drive me crazy.  Dayana isn’t smart, but Lisa is just flat out mean.

Arsenio sends Aubrey and Teresa to the rehearsal hall to work on choreography.  On the way there, Aubrey calls Arsenio to get a better idea of what he would like it all to look like.  All the while she’s rolling her eyes and gets off the phone and says “he has no idea what he’s doing.” So when they get there, Audrey just takes over with her own idea and disregards what Arsenio had told her on the phone.  Typical Audrey.  She even moves his drum solo to the end instead of the beginning where he wanted.  Arsenio arrives and Aubrey is like “don’t worry, we already got it all worked out.”  Arsenio tries to get her to move his drum solo back to where it was and she says no, so he begins to pout.  Meanwhile… what is Teresa’s role in this whole task??  I haven’t seen her do anything except a little bit of signage.

Clay and Dayana get into a tiff regarding the staging and choreography.  They just cannot work together on that team.  Part of it is Clay and Lisa’s lack of respect for Dayana and part of it is Dayana acting like she knows about music when she doesn’t know anything.

Performance time!  Dayana’s team goes first… 60’s theme – Lisa is playing the role of a radio announcer “Amanda Hugginkiss”  (have to say I’ve always HATED that name and hate when people call me that!!)  Clay sings the jingle the with backup singers.  Dayana makes a remark to the camera that she thought they were disrespectful for not including her.  ???  She was the project manager!  That’s her fault she wasn’t included in the final piece, not theirs.  After the performance was done, Dayana comes out to thank everyone, but she’s not miked and you can’t hear a word she’s saying.  Not a very good move.  Overall I just found the performance was really cheesy.  Execs said they played it safe, but they liked it.

Arenio’s team’s turn!  Arsenio and Teresa come out as a couple that has been stranded by their car breaking down.  I thought it was kind of cute, but Aubrey says they are terrible. “It’s difficult when people aren’t as good at doing things as you are.” she says.  OMG… her ego!!  Teresa says “Arensio, I put the Good Sam app on your phone!”  Then the Good Sam cheerleaders come out.  I really like Aubrey’s jingle and her voice.  Arsenio rapped at the end and it was great.  I think they did a better job at incorporating the brand and what Good Sam is all about.  The exec liked it, but he didn’t LOVE the cheerleader outfit… it was a bit revealing.  But to me, it appears he prefers their performance anyway.

BOARDROOM!  Arsenio’s team stays fairly kumbayah and lovey, but of course Dayana’s team immediately tears her apart.  I just hate how childish and unprofessional Lisa acts.  Lisa and Dayana just attack each other, mostly Lisa attacking Dayana, and Clay sits back quietly like a smart man should.  Obviously Dayana’s failure of leadership is coming under fire.  I have no doubt that Dayana should be fired if her team loses, but I can’t stand Lisa’s attitude!!  She’s just crazy.  Finally… the verdict… Arsenio’s team won!!!  Dayana’s team lost.  No surprise here, but I’m happy.  Now is it going to come down to Dayana because she’s the project manager or Lisa because she’s was the brains behind the concept and just pure evil?  My hunch is Dayana.  Yup, Dayana is fired.  FINALLY!!!  Now this will get interesting with just Lisa and Clay left on the team.  I don’t think Dayana is very bright, but I still liked her overall.  I liked how she was able to stay calm and composed through everything.  It was definitely her time to go though.

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