Ashlee is getting ready to leave for Las Vegas to go live with her Aunt and Uncle at her parent’s suggestion.  They said she either had to live with them or be kicked out of the house.  Jacqueline just can’t handle her anymore.  Caroline’s son, Albie, is driving her to the airport.  Ashlee and Jacqueline have just a little goodbye.  Not much with it.

Caroline’s daughter goes with Caroline for a consult about her weight.  He gives her this yellow stuff to drink and says that will be her meal along with some fruit.  Oy! I couldn’t do that!  She wants to lose 30-40 lbs.

Joe Guidice had to get rid of his restaurant.  It just wasn’t working out.  Now he’s talking about buying a gas station and putting up a gorgeous building for senior citizens. He doesn’t seem to have a clear business model on what he’s doing with it.  Also seems like that Teresa had no clue about that.

Rich, Kathy’s husband, goes into the gas station that he owns to check in on things and brings his son with him. His son says he doesn’t want to go into the gas station business because he doesn’t want to always follow the rules.  He’d rather go into something like “real estate.”  Sounds like one shady kid!!

So Albie drops Ashlee off at the airport to go to Las Vegas.  He’s on the drive home and she calls and says she missed the flight.  Of course she did, because she is just that irresponsible.  The next flight is at 7:45 she tells him and that’s 4 hours away.   Albie calls Chris and apologizes for not walking her to the gate.  She’s on standby if she doesn’t get on, she’s going to come back home.  Jacqueline is really upset.  She’s having everyone over.  Jacqueline is blaming Albie for not walking her to security.  Everyone gets there and in walks Ashlee and her giant attitude.   I know she’s the way she is because of Jacqueline’s lenient parenting in Ashlee’s younger years, but holy cow, I hope my daughter doesn’t turn out like her!!

Back at Jacqueline’s dinner party… everyone is there and they are just waiting for Teresa’s arrival.  Everyone’s trying really hard to get along with her and not let past things surface.  Teresa makes a big speech about her book and says she didn’t write it to offend anyone and whoever took offense to she apologizes.  Rich asks if she’s going to pull it off the shelves and reprint it.  She says no, and then starts to get defensive, saying she also wrote amazing things about people. It was all meant in fun she says, “as a joke.”  This isn’t going to go over very well.  It probably would have been better just leaving the elephant in the room and not pointing it out to everyone.  The Melissa can’t take it anymore and says really condescendingly “that’s okay, we’ll take one for the team so that you can make a little extra money.”  hehehe…. love it!!   Teresa thinks she apologized, but she didn’t really, and is now like, “okay, let’s go play poker!”

Joe Guidice is already on Rich’s nerves.  Guidice starts mocking Gorda about his height.  So Rich starts in and says he’d like to see him grow 8 inches and says “why don’t you stand up next to me?”  So Guidice goes to grab Rich’s balls, so Rich swings at Guidice and gives him a black eye.  But they all say it was an accident.  The guys say that they just tried to wrestle.

Teresa goes to her book signing while her husband nurses his wounds.  Kathy’s son is about to go on a date and Kathy discovers that some chick sent Joey (her son) nude pics on Twitter.  She sends the girl a message back saying “can’t you do something better with your beauty than send my 15 year old son pics?”

Melissa is working on her new song in her basement studio and honestly it sounds great.  I really like her voice and the beat of the song.

Albie, Christopher, and Chris went to have dinner at Joe Guidice’s house.  Joe spends a lot of the time bad mouthing Joe Gorda.  It really makes the other guys uncomfortable.  They don’t want to be  in the middle.

Melissa plans a romantic dinner for Joe and unveils her song she wrote about their relationship.  They are the cutest couple ever.  I don’t feel that it’s fake.  They both seem so enamored with each other.  I love it!  Joe, of course, then carries Melissa to the bedroom.  He’s got all this “poison” he says in him that he has to get out.

Attempt #2 to get Ashlee on a plane to Vegas.  This time her stepdad, Chris, takes her.  Jacqueline is seen back home breaking down while looking through old photos of Ashlee.  “You never know what their future holds when they’re little”  she says.  That really struck with me having small children and trying to mold them into good human beings. I really feel for Jacqueline.  She got pregnant at a young age and has just done the best she could and Ashlee has a complete lack of respect for anyone and everyone.


What are your thoughts?

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