The eliminated contestant come out in the order in which they were eliminated.

First up is Ben & Mike. They both look great, but Mike is really looking good!  Very handsome!

Lauren & Gail:  Lauren is such a cutie!

Nancy & Adrian: Nancy is so adorable.. grandmother of 65 children.  Adrian looks so confident and cool.

Roy & Daphne:  Roy shaved his beard down!!  He looks so different and younger!  No longer looks like Santa.  It’s awesome.  Daphne is looking hot too!

Chism & Cassandra:  Awwww Chism is adorable!  He looks so much more matured and like a real man.  Cassandra’s now blonde and freaking adorable!!  And got a tattoo on her arm!

Emily and Kimmie:  Holy cow! Emily looks like a completely different person!  Her hair is longer and her face has really thinned.  Kimmie looks the same, just thinner.  lol

Megan & Chris:  Look pretty much the same as when the show left them, but they’re looking good.

Now it’s weigh in time for $100,000 to the eliminated person who lost the most.

Chism’s: lost 103 lbs for 28.53% of his original weight

Nancy: lost 56 lbs for 25.81%

Cassandra: lost 92 lbs for 38.49% the new leader so far!

Ben: lost 139 lbs!!!! 35.1%

Daphne: lost 88 lbs for 32.47%

Adrian: 108 lbs for 29.19%  Cassandra’s still in the lead!

Emily: lost 102 lbs!  She beat out Cassandra by 1 lbs for highest percentage lost!!  38.64%

Megan: lost 76 lbs for 29.34%

Kimmie: 71 lbs for 32.42%

Gail: lost 87 lbs for 27.02%

Lauren: lost 89 lbs for 36.18% just missed it by a few pounds!

Roy: lost 88 lbs for 28.76%

Chris: lost 77 lbs for 32.08%

Just down to Emily and Mike.  I have a feeling Mike will be it.  He just looks sooooo good!

Mike: lost 160 lbs!!!  for a total of 44.69%!!!   Mike is the at home winner!!

Now the final three!!

Conda: Looks good! Looks pretty much like how she left the ranch, maybe a few more pounds lost.

Jeremy: Wow!!  He looks awesome in his suit.  He really lost a lot more after the life on the ranch.  He looks smaller than Conda does!

Kim: She looked amazing when she left the ranch and she looks even better now.  She’s in a tight, black shimmery dress and is a complete knock out!  Kim won a $30,000 gym for her community for winning Michelle Obama’s challenge of who could get the most people signed up.


Conda is up first to be weighed:  She weighs 179, she lost 115 for 39.12%

Jeremy (Conda’s brother) is next: He weighs 190, he lost 199 lbs!!!  for 51.16%!

Kim is the last to weigh in: she weighs 134 lbs, lost 118 lbs for 46.83%.  I think she realized after Jeremy weighed in that she didn’t win.  She looked a little bit defeated but as she said, “I think we’re both winners.”  That is absolutely true!  She looks phenomenal.

Jeremy is the winner of Biggest Loser 13!!!!


What are your thoughts?

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