For some reason I am super excited to see Gretchen’s pussycat doll performance on tonight’s episode.  I don’t know if it’s because I think she’s going to bomb and that will be entertaining or if it’s because I actually want her to do a good job.

She’s about to go out on stage!  I have butterflies for her!  She has to introduce the Pussycat Dolls and perform.  She did a great job announcing them.  She got the crowd pumped. She has to run backstage and change her outfit.  They show the housewives in the audience with their dates and the guys are just loving the Pussycat Dolls shaking their booties.  Alexis says Jim isn’t enjoying it, he just being a supportive husband… camera pans to him with a giant grin on his face.  OMG…. Slade just said “I am actually very very worried about Gretchen’s performance because I have worked so hard…”  Seriously?  He’s worked hard?  Has he ever worked hard at anything?  I’ve always been a Slade supporter, but this season really showcases how much he freeloads off of Gretchen and he just wants her to be successful so that she’s bringing in more money.  He thinks somehow it makes him look better if she’s doing well.

Gretchen begins singing… ouch…. wow… it’s way worse than I even thought it would be.  I think Slade even cringed.  Vicki’s jaw dropped.  Oh, not so good.  I really wanted her to be better!  It was actually painful to watch.  Heather is extremely supportive, telling her she did a great job.  Even Vicki told her she sounded good.

It’s Gretchen’s birthday and Tamra gives her a framed picture of the two of them from the mud run.  Vicki immediately gets jealous.  Then Vicki surprises Gretchen with a gift and tells her she’s sorry and she’s happy for her.  Gretchen gets emotional over it and wasn’t expecting it.  Then Vicki says, “I said I’m sorry, now you can say you’re sorry any minute now…”  that really put a damper on the mood.  Gretchen doesn’t apologize (I’m sure partly out of principle just because Vicki is trying to force it out of her).

Next morning, Tamra, Vicki, and Heather are playing blackjack.  Heather says how great she thought Gretchen was and Tamra tells Vicki how big of her she thought it was that she apologized to Gretchen.  Meanwhile Slade and Gretchen are having breakfast in their fabulous suite upstairs.  During their conversation, Slade says he’s never worked.  When you do what you love for a living you’re not working.  He says.  Hmmm.

Alexis sees a talent coach to help her with her live television gig.  They take a look at the first 7 seconds of her video clip of the segment she did about teens and sex.  The coach says people make up their minds about you in the first 7 seconds of seeing you.  Immediately she critiques the outfit she is wearing.  She says to Alexis that it’s good for her personal time, but not something she should be wearing on the air when you’re talking about kids and sex.  They run through a couple exercises and roll playing.  The coach critiques her hard, but she’s taking it fairly well. I still really don’t think she’s cut out for that kind of job though.  She’s just not good at thinking on her toes.

Gretchen, Slade, Heather, and Terry go out for dinner.  They discuss Gretchen’s future and what opportunities has come along.  They discuss Vicki’s apology and Gretchen is still a little not happy about her wanting an apology back.  Heather is very neutral yet supportive.  Terry is loving Slade and says he doesn’t get why everyone thinks he’s a douchebag.

Tamra’s son, Ryan, finally has his own apartment, “man pad” as Tamra says.  Ryan is doing a lot better now that Tamra and Simon have split.  Simon was a wedge in their relationship.  I think Tamra enjoys being a mother to him again and getting him set up in his place.  So she takes him furniture shopping.  Tamra wants to lend him money to buy a $1500 couch and Eddie tells her that he doesn’t need “high end” furniture.  That made me laugh!  These people live in the O.C. and they think a $1500 couch is high end?  So Ryan buys a $699 couch and Tamra agrees to buy some coffee tables for him.

Vicki has dinner with Briana and her boyfriend, Ryan.  Briana drops the BOMB on her mom, Vicki, that they got married at in Las Vegas!!!  Vicki is sooooo not happy.  Briana said that even though they are legally married, they still want to have a big wedding with family.  Vicki is beside herself with anger and hurt.  They just impulsively got married at a drive thru chapel in Vegas.  She thinks her daughter deserves better than that.  As a mother, I can see why Vicki feels that way, however, I’m more on Briana’s side on this one.  She knew her mother would completely stand in her way and she wanted to do it.  She’s old enough, mature enough, and she should be able to make her own decisions.  But if my daughter got married without me knowing, I would be hurt too.  So I see both sides.  What are your thoughts?

What are your thoughts?

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