Three people will be eliminated tonight!!  Excited!!

Lisa goes back to the suite after last week’s boardroom firing and says they both got fired.  She tells the remaining contestants that Trump just went crazy and fired both Dayana and Clay.  They are in shock.  Arsenio is just completely freaking out.  And then in walks Clay…. they totally punked the other time.  Lisa does a little happy dance that Dayana is now gone.  Teresa gets the feeling that she is Lisa’s next target.  She says in her interview, “bring it on!”

Editor in chief of Elle Magazine and Farouk Shami are the execs that will be helping on this task .  Chi Touch hair dryer is the product and the task is to create a 4 page print campaign to promote the hairdryer.  Teresa steps up to be the project manager for her team with Arsenio and Aubrey.  And Lisa is PM for her team with Clay.  The execs meet with the team and Farouk is heavily flirting with Aubrey.  It was quite humorous to watch.

Aubrey makes a suggestion to make it yoga / zen type themed for the print ad.  “Be at peace with your hair” is the tagline she came up with.  Teresa of course goes with it because she doesn’t have any ideas of her own.  Lisa’s idea for the hairdryer is that there is a lot more to it than what’s on the outside – it has the touch screen but it’s also light weight and very quiet.  Who else is judged like that?  Women.  Clay thinks it’s too abstract and complex of a subject.

So the teams have headshots of different models and they have to negotiate with each other what models they want.  Aubrey tells Teresa to take the redhead and the guy.  As Teresa’s leaving the room Aubrey says, “Whatever you do, don’t let them get what we want.”  Why do I think this is some foreshadowing? I can just see Teresa bombing this.  Teresa and Lisa meet up… Teresa immediately shows Lisa the pictures of all of the models that she wants.  Lisa says “okay, we have three of the same models.”  Teresa says, “Well we have to have the redhead.”   OMG Teresa!!  You can’t negotiate worth beans!  She would be horrible at poker.  So because she wants it SO BAD, Lisa… who doesn’t even care who she gets… is now fighting for the redhead.  Lisa tells her, “okay, if you take her, then I get to take these two.”  Teresa has to go check with Aubrey for advice.  Lisa is completely running the show and steamrolling Teresa.  Teresa ends up with the redhead that she wanted, but had to take an additional guy… one that has a crew cut.  Arsenio and Aubrey are completely ticked off.

Eric Trump walks in to Teresa’s group and Teresa can’t even explain what their concept is.  Aubrey has to step in and fill in the blanks that Teresa left to better explain what their idea was.

At the photo shoot, Aubrey asked Teresa if she wants her to just be in the photo shoot because the girl that they picked out that was a redhead now has blonde hair.  Teresa says sure!  So Teresa tells the model to go home and the model gets very angry, “you should have told me before I got here!” she says.  Teresa and Aubrey find it funny.   Meanwhile the people running around the shoot don’t even know who the project manager is and they’re getting frustrated.  Arsenio and Aubrey are clearly running everything.

Clay seems to be running the whole photo shoot by himself.  Meanwhile Lisa isn’t doing much of anything aside from eating lunch.  Don Jr walks in after Lisa explains their concept, Don says he’s concerned the concept is too complicated as well.  Hmm… not good.  But maybe if they execute it well, they can pull it off.

Teresa’s idea of running a photo shoot is saying “oh!! That looks good!  Oh!  That too!  That looks good!”  Meanwhile these girls are dressed so provocatively that I know the execs are going to hate it.  They said they are sexy, but not vulgar.  I think their model’s outfits crossed the line.

Presentation time! Teresa’s team up first.  They are wearing all red, which is a nice touch (for the Chi brand).  Teresa is reading off of cue cards for her presentation and it is ridiculously bad.  She’s reading it all word for word and yet still stuttering and not flowing at all.  Farouk is just beaming as Aubrey talks though.  Arsenio and Aubrey did a great job on their presentation, but Teresa was horrible.

Now Lisa and Clay’s turn… their ads were very wordy their presentation was just okay.  Teresa’s team had more interesting pictures, but maybe not even information.  Lisa’s ads focused more on the features and benefits of the product.

Boardroom time!  Trump asks Teresa right away about negotiating the models.  Teresa says Lisa thinks she won the negotiation.  Teresa says she played dirty.  Aubrey and Arsenio say that they were not pleased with the results that Teresa gave them about the models.  The execs didn’t feel the pictures really spoke to the individual benefits of the hairdryer.  The execs really didn’t like Teresa’s presentation either or the outfits the models were wearing.  The execs thought the outfits were dated in Lisa’s presentations and the presentation lacked passion.  Lisa’s team won! I’m not happy Lisa’s sticking around for now, but I am happy Clay is!  If anyone other than Teresa gets fired for this task, that’s just wrong.  Should be a no brainer that Teresa goes home.

Teresa and Arsenio are going toe to toe while Aubrey stays quiet.  Teresa says Arsenio didn’t do anything.  And there’s the line I’ve been waiting for all season!!! Arsenio:  “Don’t throw me under the bus because I will back it up and hit you with it.”  Love that line!!!!  Okay, Teresa Guidice is fired.  Arsenio says he feels bad because she’s a nice girl.  And Lisa says “you really need to watch that damn show of hers!  She is NOT a nice lady!”  LOL too funny!

Overall I’m happy with this final four:  Clay, Lisa, Aubrey, and Arsenio.  I think I want the final two to be Clay and Aubrey.

Now the final four are going to meet with John Rich and Marlee Matlin and two more people will be fired!  I really don’t want Lisa to go to the end.  I like the other three, but man do I want Lisa to go home!!!  Marlee and John are telling Trump about their interviews and what they liked or disliked about each contestant.  John is particularly hard on all of them.  Ugh, I still can’t stand John Rich!!  Finally the interview portion is over and two more people with be eliminated.  Lisa is fired!!!  John and Marlee said she lets her emotions get the better of her.  To be continued!!! Okay… now Arsenio needs to be fired.  Clay and Aubrey are by far the strongest players.  Can’t believe I have to wait till next week!!

What are your thoughts?

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