Housewives Kathy, Melissa, and Teresa are still vacation down at the Jersey Shore.  Jacqueline and her husband arrive to join Teresa and Joe.  Joe brings up to Chris the fight he got into with Rich which left him with a black eye.  Teresa confides in Jacqueline about the article that was in People magazine that she did in which she discusses her husband’s possibility of going away to prison and Joe Guidice says that Joe Gorga wouldn’t do anything to help support Teresa.  Jacqueline wonders why she’s doing these interviews and posing for pictures when she hasn’t even discussed these things with her best friend.  Is she profiting off people’s pity?  That’s what she’s wondering.  Teresa tells her about how she told her brother she thinks Melissa would leave him if she found a guy with more money.  J asks if she had any reason to believe that, and she just said, “she just strikes me as that kind of girl.”  She is just so jealous of Melissa.  Bottom line!

Cousin Rosie and Gorga’s mom are babysitting all the kids while the adults go out on the boat.  The kids are just running wild.  Who’s great idea was this??

Jacqueline tells the girls on the boat that Caroline’s going through menopause.  Teresa says “Oh! That’s why she’s been treating me so coldly, she’s going through menopause!”  Teresa keeps going on about how Caroline has such a short fuse.  Then Joe brings up to Rich that he’s never had a black eye before until the other night when Rich gave him one.  This gets the wives involved and stirs everything up.

Back at Caroline, Vito and Lauren are making dinner for the Manzo family.  Her brothers keep teasing them about how large their kids are going to be, heavy breathers, etc.  It really upsets Lauren.  Albie says he has a new girlfriend and shows a picture of her to Vito which makes Lauren feel insecure.

Next day… Jacqueline’s back in town and goes over to Caroline’s and they prepare for a solstice party.  Melissa shows up and tells Caroline about Teresa’s comments and behavior.  Caroline says “she’s willing to destroy a family to get you (Melissa) out of her life.”  Teresa and Kim “D” ride together to the solstice party. Kathy and Rosie arrive together.  Everyone is dressed in all white.  They’re all Italian, so of course they all look beautiful in white.   Rosie confronts Teresa about her comment about Melissa leaving her for another man with more money.  Teresa tries to defend her comments by saying that she was just trying to get Joe to open his eyes.  She says “he’s going to speak his mind and I’m going to speak mine.”  Rosie says, “well maybe everyone should just shut up.”  So true!!!  Go Rosie!!  Rosie decides to just let it go though.  Teresa puts Jacqueline in a bad position by asking her if Melissa talked to her and Caroline about the comment.  Jacqueline hesitates before answering and that makes Teresa angry because she feels that J is supposed to be her friend, not M’s.  So J signals M to come over to talk to T.  Teresa starts explaining what happened the day on the beach when she had that conversation with her brother.  T says she was hurt that her brother didn’t call when Joe “went away” (jail) for a few days.  Melissa says, “Do you know why he didn’t call you?  Because when he called about the auction, you denied it. (Teresa disagrees) When he called you about the DUI…”  Saying the word “DUI” hit a hot button for T and she go up and stormed out.  Saying she’s done talking.

Jacqueline runs after Teresa and tells her about how bad it makes her feel and she feels responsible.  Kim D is there defending Teresa.  Teresa says J feels like she’s in the middle because puts herself in the middle.  T asks J to go get Melissa and for her to say “I don’t want to talk about legal issues, but I want to talk to her about what’s going on.”  So Melissa goes to see her and Teresa further defends her comments saying she was completely justified in what she said.  The fight is escalating and it’s getting ugly.  As if it’s any surprise, Melissa’s really coming out on top of this one.  Teresa’s just not making any sense at all. Lots of hands waving all up and down.  I love watching Jersey girls fight.  haha.  Teresa and Melissa walk away and driving off.   Teresa says this whole thing was caused by her brother Joe for telling Melissa what Teresa said.  NOT the fact that Teresa made a very insulting comment to begin with!  What a frustrating episode!  But good tv, nonetheless.  🙂


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