Vicki and Tamra go bra shopping at the start of the episode now that Tamra had her implants removed.  They both get sized and Vicki is told she’s an FF and Tamra is a D.  There is no way Tamra is a D!  She’s a 32C at best.  Vicki says “I don’t think big boobies are appropriate.”  But a few weeks ago she’s the one that said she doesn’t know why anyone would want itty bitty titties.  Whatever!  They discuss Briana getting married in Vegas.  Vicki is obviously upset that they did this without telling her or including her.  She says she was robbed of her moment.  I can understand her being upset, but she’s making it all about her.  The good thing is that she realizes if she gets too upset by it, then she’ll lose Breana forever.

Slade goes out for a bike ride and meets up with Gretchen’s father, Scott.  He asks Scott’s permission to marry Gretchen!  He says he doesn’t know if Gretchen will say yes.  Scott says there are things Gretchen wants too, and they have a lot to talk about… finances, get his reputation cleaned up… the perception of what people think based on what others (Tamra) has said.  So Scott didn’t completely give it his blessing but didn’t say no either.  Just said they need to work things out first before they get married.

Flash to Gretchen and Tamra having lunch together.  Gretchen’s hair always looks great, I must say.  Tamra is reveals that she’s thinking of starting her own business… a fitness studio.  Some place that has fitness classes… not like a gym where you can go any time to work out.  She says she doesn’t want to tell Vicki about it because she always focuses on the negatives.  Tamra asks Gretchen about what’s going on with Slade.  Gretchen says she’s scared to marry him because she would be taking on his debt.  She’s financially sound and she doesn’t want to give that up.  She gets teared up and says she doesn’t know if she wants to get married.  She has some past things she needs to work through.

Vicki and Tamra have a party to launch their new wine club business.  They decide to have a super formal event.  Vicki plans to announce to everyone that Briana got married so that they all find out from her.  Breana’s going to meet Vicki’s boyfriend Brooks at the party.  Briana is apprehensive because Vicki is still technically married so Briana doesn’t really approve.

The party is on its way and everyone is dressed to the nines.  In walks Vicki’s son dressed in jeans.  Right off the bat he meets Brooks and Brooks takes him out on the balcony.  Brooks makes some small talk and says, “So that’s a pretty crazy thing your sister did, huh?” and Michael’s response is, “yeah… I don’t… I don’t really want to do this right now.”  lol and Brooks lets him off the hook and they awkwardly walk back inside.  Michael says he has no interest in getting to know Brooks and does not need a role model in his mom’s boyfriend.  Briana’s on her way to the party and telling her new husband that she’s really skeptical of Brooks.  He lives in another state, he has four children that live there, yet he’s with Vicki in the OC all the time.  Vicki’s buying him clothes, he driving her car, she just doesn’t get it.  She thinks he may be an opportunist.

So here’s the big moment when Vicki’s making the announcement about Briana.  She starts crying and acting like it’s a death sentence.  Everyone is so shocked.  Lol Gretchen says “What is Briana thinking??  Does she know who her mother is?!!”  haha.  All of the ladies can sympathize with Vicki.  Vicki tells Briana she has a surprise for her too and she says, “Oh god, don’t tell me you’re engaged.”  Vicki finds that statement very disrespectful.  Turns out Vicki just wanted to tell her that Uncle Billy was in town.  Vicki’s son Michael says he found out via facebook that Briana was married.  Eek!

Brooks tells Vicki about how great Michael is, how he loves him as if he was his own son.  What?!  He just met him!  Vicki asks him again how did their conversation go?  And Brooks avoids the question about going on about how he reminds him of himself at that age.  Vicki then goes and gets Briana to go meet Brooks.  They meet in a separate room at the party.  It is holy awkward, man!  Briana’s really put off that nobody knows anything about Brooks… what he does for a living, etc.  Vicki tries to say how she and Briana’s relationships are similar and Briana mumbles that it’s completely different.  Briana clearly doesn’t approve and isn’t even trying to fake like she does.  I don’t blame her at all for that.  I can see their mother-daughter relationship hitting a rough spot for awhile now.

What are your thoughts?

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