This recap will be short and sweet because I am writing it after the fact instead of while I was watching it.  I don’t usually recap Survivor because it is one of the few shows I watch with my husband and we just like to relax and enjoy it.

Starts off with the final five women: Alicia, Christina, Sabrina, Kim, and Chelsea.  Kim wins immunity and has to decide between Alicia to send home or Chelsea.  She also still has the hidden immunity idol and has the option to give it to someone.  Chelsea makes a plea for her to give it to her, but in the end Kim decides to just keep it and let it go unplayed.  She decides to be true to Chelsea though and votes out Alicia.  Alicia and Christina voted for Chelsea and Kim, Chelsea, and Sabrina voted Alicia off.

Next immunity challenge, Kim wins again.  My husband wanted Christina to win just to shake things up a bit, but I was ecstatic that Kim won.  She is approached by Christina who asks her if she’s the one going home and Kim tells her yes.  Christina basically just lied down and took it.  She didn’t even fight or try to go to Sabrina or Chelsea about different options.  Jeff calls her out on this at tribal.  Tribe has spoken… Christina is voted off.

So final three: Chelsea, Kim, and Sabrina go to the final tribal council where members of the jury asked questions.  It was quite emotional.  Kat revealed she has a heart condition and will be undergoing heart surgery next year so she doesn’t want to stay mad at all of them because life is too short.  The jury was overall very respectful in their questions.

Everyone has voted.  Flash to the reunion.  Jeff reads the votes.  Sabrina received 2 or 3 votes (which were 2 or 3 more than I thought she would receive) but Kim took the rest of the votes that were read.  Kim is the winner of Survivor One World!!!  And I couldn’t be happier.  She deserves it!  She also revealed in the final episode that she’s newly divorced and this gave her something to be proud of and feel empowered by that she made a right decision by playing Survivor.

Now just waiting for the results of the $100,000 winner of the Fan Favorite award.   Kim wins the fan favorite award too!!  She’s not even smiling though…  I bet she feels a bit guilty for it or something.  She has such a big heart.

Next Survivor will be in the Philippines with three returning veterans who were airlifted out from their original seasons before they had the chance to play their season out.  The contestants will be split into three tribes.   It looks really good and I would be that Colton will be one of those three coming back.

What are your thoughts?

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