It is down to Clay, Arsenio, and Aubrey. My prediction for the final two are Clay and Aubrey.  I just don’t feel that Arsenio is a strong enough leader.  Who will make it to the finale??  We are about to find out!

Each of them gives their reasons why they should be in the final two.  Trump says that Aubrey is too transparent and is then fired.  Aubrey is fired.  I am very surprised Arsenio is still around.  I like him, but I just don’t know that he is a big enough leader.  If you would have told me at the very beginning that the final two would be Arsenio and Clay, I would have never believed you!  But at least the final two are likable people.  I like the friendship between Clay and Arsenio.  So now what will make or break these guys are the teams that they build from the fired contestants.

Produce, Host, and Sell Tickets to a charity event is their task.  They have to put on a variety show for the entertainment piece of the event.  So now they have to pick their teams in alternating fashion:

Arsenio picks: Adam Corolla, Lisa Lampanelli, Paul Sr, Teresa Guidice – biggest mistake is picking Teresa over Aubrey.  Are you kidding me?  I’d rather have Aubrey ANY day!!

Clay picks: Penn Jillette, Debbie Gibson, Dee Snider, Aubrey O’day

Clay sits down with his team and talks about his charity that he is playing for:  National Inclusion Project.  The project is including special needs/disabled children in everyday activities in school and extra curricular activities.

Clay delegates tasks to each team member.  Aubrey came up with the idea to have it be a carnival team to tie it back to the charity.

On Arsenio’s team, they’re trying to come up with an ad for the Magic Foundation that brings the focus back on the AIDS issue.  They are getting Magic Johnson to do the PSA part of it.  Arsenio plans to start off with comedy but then have Magic deliver the facts about AIDS and the foundation.

Adam and Teresa go down to a costume shop to get some 80’s gear for their 30 second Public Service Announcement.  Adam’s hysterical in the store!  They did a good job picking out the outfits though.

Back to team Clay:  Penn is trying to get Clay to see compassion without pity in the PSA.  He came out with the concept for the PSA which was pretty good.  Seeing an empty wheelchair, then panning to children playing.  We can’t tell which one of them has a disability and neither can they…. is the tagline.  Clay, Debbie, and Dee are coming up with music to perform.  Debbie and Clay are coming up with a lot of cheesy music (Baby Love, Don’t Go Breakin My Heart, etc)  Dee is really not feeling it, but says he’s done a lot worse.  In walks Don Jr and he says to the camera that they have great ideas and it seems to be coming together, but nobody is currently raising money.

Arsenio put total trust in Teresa for the caterers.  Teresa picks a pork, beef, chicken, and fish dishes.  Something noticeable to me right away is that there isn’t any vegetarian food.  Not sure if this will be an issue, or if the fish will suffice.

Aubrey is trying to take over Clay’s event.  Shooting ideas at him like 100 mph and just goes nuts with it.  Clay is trying to rein her in.

Clay’s team goes out to location and there’s a train continuously going by nearby and so they’re not able to get the audio they need for the PSA.  So they’re scrambling look for another location, but not many parks in NYC with grass and such where children can play.

Meanwhile Arsenio’s team is shooting their 80’s themed PSA.  “The clothes have changed, but AIDS is still here.” is their message.  Things seem to be going smoothly with Adam directing.

Team Clay is still wandering around NYC looking for a place to shoot.  Penn suggested a long time ago to just take it to a studio instead, but Clay didn’t like that idea.  Penn didn’t like his idea being shot down though.  They finally found a spot to shoot the video and the kids and crew showed up and it was great.

Arsenio goes to the editing bay to edit the PSA and splice it with the video from Magic that they had taped back in L.A.

Clay goes into edit and he and Debbie gets into an argument over where the music should come in during the PSA.  Lisa calls Clay and tell him that she’ll donate to his charity even though she’s on Arsenio’s team.  That was really nice of her for Clay, but I wouldn’t be too happy if I were Arsenio, but I guess it’s all for a good cause.

Clay’s team is going over the music and the Clay that I have been expecting all along is finally coming out!!!  Clay is completely uptight, condescending, almighty, arrogant.  THIS is the Clay that I’ve always thought he was like.  He has no patience for Debbie (not saying without reason), he’s doing “the teeth grinding thing” as Penn calls it, and keeps cutting everyone off.  This will be his Achilles heal.  Now Debbie is beginning to shut down, Penn has the attitude that he could have done it better, and Dee hates the whole thing.  Now he’s the obnoxious ass that I’ve always thought him to be. Debbie and Clay then get into another argument about the mural that is going to be painted on the wall by Debbie’s cousin.  Clay doesn’t want anything going on the wall until he sees a sketch.  Aubrey even chimes in and says that Debbie’s cousin is legit, but Clay doesn’t care.  He does not want anything going up without a sketch.  Debbie gets completely pissed off and says she doesn’t even know why she agreed to come back.  Going into this I was totally on Team Clay, but now…. holy smokes.  He really needs to turn this around to win me over again.

Arsenio and Adam are still in the editing room.  They finally receive the tape that Magic did for them in L.A. and there was a major miscommunication.  The entire video has Magic turned sideways talking to the camera.  He’s not facing the camera at all.  It’s crap.  Arsenio doesn’t know how he’s even going to be able to use it and it was a crucial piece to their PSA.   Episode Ends.

Next week is the live finale!!  Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

What are your thoughts?

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