Last episode ended with the blow out between Teresa and Melissa at the summer solstice party.  This episode begins with the outside parties all discussing the argument.  Richie says he’s done with Teresa.  Kathy still wants to give her the benefit of the doubt because she’s going through tough times.  Caroline feels that Teresa will never be happy until her brother divorces Melissa.  Albert says he wants to remain Switzerland and not take sides.  Kathy discusses having an end of school party and how she wants to invite everyone but is worried about drama between Teresa and Melissa.

Melissa and Teresa are now discussing the fight with their husbands.  Joe Guidice calls Melissa “horsey face”, “gold digger”, and “slut”.  Ugh… Joe Guidice is so gross.  I can’t stand his personality and he’s not the least bit attractive.  Teresa exaggerates the whole argument while Melissa paints a more true picture of the fight while she explains what happened to her husband Joe Gorga.

Teresa goes over Jacqueline’s house and J confronts her about how T put her in a bad position at the party.  She felt she was really placed in the middle of the argument between M and T.  T says J is her friend and should have loyalty to her.  J is still annoyed with T but says she’s not going to end the friendship over it.  J has her personal trainer come over to work out T and J and the personal trainer is completely drunk… even brought booze with her.  J says she’s surrounded by crazy today.

Christopher goes to check out a $80,000 jaguar car.  Albie and Lauren go with him.  They know their mom, Caroline, will not be pleased he’s about to buy that car.  Caroline flat out tells him she wouldn’t buy the car if it were him.  Then the kids surprise her and tell her that the car actually isn’t for Christopher, it is for her.  Albert bought it for her for their anniversary.

Kathy has her end of school party for her kids.  And nobody shows up.  Turns out Kathy’s husband, Richie, told their kids, “play along, but don’t invite your friends.  You don’t want people at school knowing you’re related to the Guidices.”  I find that so funny!! But so smart of Richie because he knows it’s not going to be pretty once Melissa and Teresa show up.

Jacqueline Skypes with her daughter Ashlee and she misses Ashlee, but she doesn’t seem to be changing yet.  She still has an attitude and not much direction or ambition.  Jacqueline says until she can come up with a plan for her life, she’s not coming back home.

The Gorgas and the Guidices show up at Kathy’s house. You could cut the tension with a knife between Melissa and Teresa.  You know it’s just a matter of time before it comes to a head and explodes.

Caroline and Albert celebrate their 37 years of marriage by reflecting back on their lives together and raising their children.  It’s nice to see a happy, sane family.

Joe Gorga sits down with Teresa to have a heart to heart and she begins to cry.  He says he doesn’t want to argue.  She says she can’t take it anymore, it’s too stressful.  She’s worried about saying the wrong thing.  She feels like she can’t say anything to him without him running to Melissa.  Teresa is so upset that Joe told Melissa what Teresa told him.  Teresa tells Joe he’s changed since he got married.  She feels that Joe doesn’t care about her at all and hasn’t been there for her since he got married.  Joe is frustrated that Teresa never takes the blame for anything.  He tells her she got lost in life.  He doesn’t even know where his sister is anymore. He finally tells T to get the F’ out of here and tells her she’s a bitch.  She gathers her kids and storms out.  This argument further puts me on Team Melissa.  Teresa just can’t ever see that she might be in the wrong.  It would be frustrating to be her brother.


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