I have always been a big fan of Emily Maynard’s since she was on Brad’s season.  She has always seemed so sweet and genuine to me.  The new season starts out giving a history of her and her daughter, Ricky.  She was engaged to Ricky’s father when he died in a plane crash.  The Friday after he died she found out she was pregnant with Ricky.  They now live together, just the two of them, in this way awesome house.  I’m not sure what she does for a living or why she has so much money unless her late husband, Ricky, left her with a bunch, but dang! It’s a nice house for two young ladies.  Then the show recaps what happened between her and Brad.  She says she fell in love with him and the day he proposed was one of the happiest days of her life.  But then it all just kind of fell apart.  But what Brad taught her is that she is willing and ready to fall in love again (on national TV, getting paid for it, in 8 weeks span).  lol

So let’s meet the men!

Not going to go through each of the men, but I’ll comment on the ones that stand out to me – for better for worse.

Tony – 30, Beaverton, OR.  Divorcee, father of son, Taylor, who is 5 years old.  He seems like  a sweet guy.  What girl doesn’t find a single dad attractive?  Oh, but he just lost a few points because he said, “what guy with two thumbs is going to marry Emily?  This guy.”  Yeah, that was a cheeseball move.

Jef – Salt Lake City, UT – CEO of a bottle water company that gives back to charity.  He seems very interesting, but a bit odd.

Arie – Race Car Driver – He’s worried that Emily will be cautious of him because Emily’s ex fiancee was a race car driver and died on the way to a race.

She’s about to meet the first batch of men.  This is taking place in Charlotte, NC which is Emily’s hometown.  I find that very cool!  It’s a gorgeous mansion that they’re at too.

Sean is the first one to enter.  Looks very nervous and uptight.   Then in comes David, singer/songwriter… kind of cute, but kind of cocky.  Doug, he’s a single father who opens with talking about his son and asking about Ricky.  I feel it’s a little too early for all of that.  He had a scary look on his face too during all of that.  Just came across a little strong.  Jackson, fitness model, comes in and gets down on one knee and recites a quote.  Joe…. he’s a jokester.  I don’t think he’s going to be classy enough for her.  Kyle, financial manager, keeps looking her up and down.  I don’t like that.  Aaron – Biology teacher – “but here I have chemistry with you”  oh gag.  Alessandro – from Brazil – he’s a weird looking dude.  Also kept looking at her chest.  ugh!  Jef comes in on a skateboard – he looks kind of cute with her because he’s a bit shorter.  Stevie – Event MC – comes in with a boom box and dancing.  A little greasy… I don’t know about him.  Oh god no, Tony comes in with a glass slipper and introduces himself as prince charming.  Oh Tony.  you have let me down!

Out walks a man dressed as an old lady, Randy.  He tears off the outfit and antics aside, he’s a little cute. Just hate the corny entrances.  Nate, 25, accountant…. very cute, Emily tells him he smells good and as he walks away she says “so cute!”  John “Wolf” age 30, pretty cute, but there’s something scary about him as well.  Travis walks in with a giant egg.  It’s a symbol of Emily and Ricky and he says he’ll take care of the egg like he would take care of she and Ricky.  Ugh… another cheeseball.  Michael, long-haired guy, gives her a guitar pic and says “music mike from Austin.”  Alejandro, from Columbia, mushroom farmer.  Hmmm.

Here comes a helicopter.  The guys say “whoever this is we’re all going to hate him.”  Kalon, he said in his opening clip that he used to be a womanizer but now he realizes he wants to settle down.  Yeah sure.  He walks in the room with the guys and they’re all just silent.  They really do hate him.  haha

Now that we’ve met all of the men, I have to say these are some of the most average, just okay looking guys they’ve ever had.  Maybe their personalities will make them look more attractive, but right now I’m not too impressed with the guys.

The cocktail party…. the guys are all just trying to impress her.  Contestant Chris pulls out a bobblehead of himself and then a bobblehead of her.  Okay, that’s really weird.  Then they he suggests they play like barbies with them.  It was a little weird, but Chris is cute, and she says he’s thoughtful.  Jef seemed relaxed and sincere and she says she really likes him and thinks he’s super cool and she just feels like a nerd around him.

Doug pulls out a letter from his 11 year old son that he has written for Emily.  This is a lengthy letter!  Again, I think this is a bit strong for the first date!  The guys keep referring to Kalon as “helicopter guy.”  It’s really funny!  Arie talks to her about how he ride race cars and wanted to make sure she was okay with that.  She said she has a lot of fond memories at the track and it’s really the only sport she knows much about, and she thought it was really sweet that he was concerned about it.

Ugh!! She is giving the first impression rose to Doug, the single father, who really laid it on thick about his son.  Not who I was hoping she would give it to!  Oh well.

Rose ceremony time! Roses go to:  Chris (mr bobblehead), Ryan, Kalon (Helicopter guy), Arie (Race car driver), Charlie (Head injury guy), Jef (Skateboarder, CEO bottled water), Nate (the cutie), Sean, Joe (the jokester), Kyle, Aaron (Biology teacher), Alejandro, John, Alessandro, Michael (guitar pick guy), Stevie (DJ), Tony (single dad of 5 year old), final rose goes to Travis (Ostrich egg guy).

David, the singer/songwriter went home, Brent with 6 kids went home, and some other boring guys that I don’t even remember anything about went home.  These guys are really taking it hard though!!

I really think this is going to be a great season!  I love this year’s Bachelorette!


What are your thoughts?

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