The big announcement came today that Britney Spears and Demi Lovato will be the new judges on The X Factor.  TMZ reported that Simon Cowell made this announcement this afternoon (May 14) that Britney signed on for a reported $15 million contract! I think we’re all excited to see Britney make a comeback.  Love her or hate her, I feel everyone is secretly rooting for her to get her life back together and be successful.  Demi Lovato didn’t have quite the same level of fame as Britney, but I feel after her stint in rehab and her struggles with eating disorders I am rooting for her as well.  It would be nice if Simon kind of gave them their second chances.

Here is a pic that Simon posted on Twitter of himself and the fellow judges…. Britney, L.A. Reid, Simon, and Demi.

What are your thoughts?

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