Well I wasn’t going to blog about tonight’s show… I was just going to sit back and relax and watch it, but then I changed my mind when Joshua performed his first song which was one Randy picked that was Etta James song.  Is anyone else bored with Joshua?  I just want him gone now.  I just don’t see him selling any records at all.  He won’t be on the radio, he won’t be selling albums.  End of story.  Time to move on.  Okay, felt compelled to say that.

Jessica Sanchez up next and Jennifer Lopez chose for her to sing My All by Mariah Carey.  The beginning is very shakey.  I think it’s too low for her.  But the rest of it she’s doing a great job on.  There’s a lot of subtle notes and runs that she’s hitting pretty well… at least until it goes a little deeper.  She definitely shines on the higher notes.  She doesn’t seem confident though like she usually does.  It’s probably because she can feel herself kind of lose it on the lower part of the range.  Overall beautiful though.

Steven Tyler chose “Beggin” by Madcon for Phillip Phillips.  Hmmm…. I usually love this song.  I usually love Phillip.  Not loving Phillip singing this song.  It seems to have lost the catchy-ness to the song.  However, the song ends and the crowd goes wild.  Jennifer teases him for messing with the melody, but says it was great.  Steven loved it.  Randy says it was like being at a Phil Phillips concert.  I bet it would have been better live than how it translates on tv.

Now contestant’s choice:

Joshua chose to sing Imagine by John Lennon.  What I usually like about the song is the simplicity of it.  I’m just not liking the background music or singers in this version.  For some reason, it seems to have lost some of the meaning of the song.  Although he says he chose it for the meaning.

Jessica chose Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.”  Probably the best cover of this song I have heard, but I wonder why she chose it.  It doesn’t blow me away, but it’s good.  She got a standing ovation from Steven though, so that’s got to be good!

Phillip chose “Disease” by Matchbox 20.  Great choice!!  I really liked it.  He seemed cool and comfortable and I think it was one of my favorites that he’s done so far.  J-Lo didn’t love it, Steven didn’t love it, wow, Randy says he didn’t like it either.  Randy wanted something bigger.  They all said it was just okay.  Are we watching the same show??

Now it’s Jimmy’s pick.  Usually I agree with the songs he picks.

Joshua – “No More Drama” by Mary J Blige.  I think this is going to be good.  This will make him seem more current.  Okay, Joshua has completely redeemed himself in my eyes.  This was great!!  Gave me chills!  Maybe he can be more current than I thought.  Seriously, this was amazing, and I’m not even a fan.

Jessica – Jimmy chose “I’ll Be There” by Jackson 5, also covered by Mariah Carey.  So she basically sung another Mariah Carey song.  It was good though.  I don’t think it’s a performance that’s going to put her in the final, however.  Now I’m thinking the final two will be Joshua and Phillip.

Phillip – “We Got Tonight” by Bob Seger.  Awww it’s the softer side of Phillip.  This is seriously so sweet!!  Jimmy picked a GREAT song!  I think I’m in love.  He’s actually singing more in tune than I thought he was capable of doing.  I like that it’s higher for him than he usually sings.  I loved loved loved loved it.  Judges give a standing ovation!  Best song of the night!!  Phillip is going to win American Idol!

What are your thoughts?

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