I am so stoked that we are about to find out who is going to be in the finale!!  This is HUGE!!  I want Phillip Phillips for sure, but then I’m torn between Jessica and Joshua.

Phillip, Jessica, Joshua

The three are singing “Gotta Get You Into My Life” by the Beatles.  It’s good, probably one of the best group performances, but still full of cheese.  Okay, fast forwarding…. let’s get to the good stuff!

Joshua’s up to go over the recap of last night plus Jimmy’s reaction.  Jimmy didn’t love Joshua’s Etta James song.  He thought it was just okay and didn’t live up to Joshua’s potential.  Jimmy gave the same critique I did last night about Joshua’s performance of Imagine.  He over complicated the simple melody.  Jimmy said he should have given Joshua a song with more melody instead of Mary J Blige’s “No More Drama.”   But that was the one song I loved.  Jimmy says Joshua definitely deserves to be in the finale.

Lisa Marie Presley performs – anyone else find this a really random choice on Idol’s third biggest night?  She reminds me of Stevie Nicks.  Very elaborate stage.  This had to have been prerecorded.  There’s no way they would be able to get all this on the stage and off between commercial breaks.  If you like Stevie Nicks, you would like this song.  But it’s very subdued and emo/goth.  Very un-idol like.  And very blah of a performance to have this close to the finale.  It did nothing to get the audience pumped.

Jessica’s turn at the center of the stage and recap from last night.  Jimmy didn’t think the performance of “My All” by Mariah Carey was enough.  It wasn’t a shock and awe moment.  He also thought the Aerosmith song was just okay.  He did like the Jackson 5 song though but thought maybe he shouldn’t have chosen it given that it had to be cut to 2 minutes.  Jimmy ends it by saying Jessica could sing in the Grammy’s.

Adam Lambert’s performance… “Never Close Our Eyes”  Wearing a fluorescent green top, nailpolish, and matching earrings.  The song is a very Euro-dance sounding song.  I’m not a huge Adam Lambert fan, but I like him best when he’s more rock than pop.  The song and his facial expressions reminds me of something that would be on Broadway.  It’s a little showy / over the top.  I didn’t love it, but it wasn’t bad.  It’s at least more upbeat and gets the audience pumping better than Lisa Marie Presley.

Phillip’s up at the center of the stage.  Jimmy’s reaction to “Beggin'” was really good.  He liked it a lot.  Jimmy didn’t like “Disease” performance… calling it a “snoozefest.”  Jimmy loved “We’ve got tonight” performance.  Says hands down it was his best performance ever and the best performance of the night.  I agree!!!

THE RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dim the lights!  The first person to the finale is….. JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!  Please please please please be Phillip!  PHILLIP PHILLIPS!!!!!!!!  Goodbye to Joshua Ledet.  I am happy with this.  Even though Jessica didn’t blow me away last night, she is so awesomely talented and entertaining.  Sad to see anyone go, but I guess I’m okay with it being Joshua.  I’m just happy Phillip is in the finale!!


What are your thoughts?

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